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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I-35W Bridge Collapse: A Situation Ripe for Political Exploitation

Enough is enough! The I-35W bridge collapse does not warrant or justify a tax increase!

The bodies of all of the victims of the I-35W bridge collapse have not yet been recovered, but our elected representatives have sprung into action. They are already scheming on the most politically expedient ways to shamelessly use the death and destruction as an excuse to extract even more tax revenue from the already over-taxed people of this state. This crassly immoral display of political opportunism is disgusting! Any politician, regardless of party affiliation, who supports this nonsense needs to be voted out of office at the first available opportunity.

Governor Pawlenty appears to be selling out his base once again. He has placed the insidious gas tax increase back on the table apparently without conditions such as an equivalent cut in income or sales taxes, or a change in the state funding formula that currently diverts infrastructure into political payback pork projects, or a moratorium on "transit" boondoggles like light rail and designer fueled busses.

Pawlenty, along with ultra-liberal Minneapolis mayor R.T. Ryback, is signing on to a plan to replace the fallen bridge with a 10-lane design that also incorporates provisions for mass transit and light rail. Yes a higher capacity bridge is sorely needed, but the inclusion of the "transit" goodies will dramatically boost both the construction and on-going maintenance costs. Aside from the cost increases, the inclusion of the light rail and non-automotive traffic provisions will entrench the asinine diversion of money derived primarily from motorists and the trucking industry for the liberal transit black hole.

Closer to home in District 50B, our extremely liberal senator and representative are already getting into the act. Judging from their past actions, we definitely cannot count on Senator Chaudhary or Representative Knuth to avoid exploiting this tragic event for political gain. They should be called and e-mailed on the very slim chance that they will develop the common sense, courage, and character to do the right thing, but I for one am not confident that they will do so.

Senator Chaudhary, the peerless master one-man-brass-band at tooting his own horn, has already inserted himself into close proximity of the tragedy with his typical shameless self-promotion. He couldn't bring himself to just humbly express his grief for the victims and his relief over narrowly missing being involved in the collapse and left it at that.

On the House side, our rookie Representative Kate Knuth, who in her first legislative session showed herself to be a loyal DFL hack in lock-step with the liberal party line, has sent an obviously boiler-plated e-mail to her constituents with the implication that the bridge collapse could have been avoided by the proper legislation. As a low-ranking back-bencher, our wide-eyed-with-wonder legislatorette will undoubtedly do what the DFL leadership dictates and promote more taxes and government to "fix" the problem by shaking down the taxpayers to finance the liberal command-and-control vision of transportation infrastructure.

We conservatives need to oppose the insanity with the same rigor and intensity that we opposed the amnesty bill in the US Senate. The roads and bridges can be fixed while the state's financial house is put into order. We need to hold the governor to his no new taxes pledge and make certain that the fence-sitting RINOs fear for their re-election if they go along with the liberal nonsense.

As Jason Lewis said in signing off his radio show this evening, "it's time to raise a little hell". Either we raise a little now or allow the big government liberals and RINO charlatans to bring a lot of it upon us.


Blogger Thrifty Scot said...

Chaudhary... unreal. Like they'd want some schmuck in a duckboat gumming up the works.

8/07/2007 10:21 PM  
Blogger G-Man said...

Never underestimate the lengths with which today's Democrat will go to exploit a tragedy for political gain.

8/08/2007 12:25 AM  
Anonymous Outraged Taxpayer said...

If there was the need for a schmuck on the scene Chaudhary is certainly one of the most qualified you will find. He is beyond having no shame.

Heed 'Hook's advice and start ringing phones in St. Paul!

8/08/2007 8:38 AM  

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