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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Satveer Says: Win Twins! (or else!)

District 50 Senator Satveer Chuadhary has indicated he will personally take action to make the Minnesota Twins a World Series contender. No, at least as far as I know, Chaudhary does not possess a 97 MPH fast ball or curve ball that violates obscenity laws. There is no evidence that he can hit major league pitching, or even that of the Special Olympics for that matter, 450 + feet. He has sponsored legislation in the past that was endorsed by some switch-hitters, but it probably would not do much to help improve the Twins.

So, just what does the not-so-good Senator have in mind? Use the force of government to intervene in the private ownership of the professional sports team! And you thought that the legislature wasted time, money, and effort on unimportant things. Why didn't the conservatives come up with this? Duh!

Chaudhary has issued a press release that appears to put Minnesota Twins owner Carl Pohlad on notice that if the Twins don't start advancing in the playoffs the Senator may seek legislative action to correct the problem:
Sen. Chaudhary said that he would support reexamining the Twins ownership situation during the 2008 Legislative Session and added that previous efforts to explore community ownership of the team deserve consideration as a sensible solution to ensure the future viability of the team in Minnesota.

“When Minnesotans are paying untold dollars to finance a new stadium, it only seems fair that they’d have a competitive team wearing the home uniforms there,” said Sen. Chaudhary.
Isn't it nice to have an elected official with such a firm grasp on the concepts of limited government and the proper role of government? At least Senator Save-the-World seems to have figured out that "Minnesotans are paying untold dollars to finance a new stadium". Apparently he has not yet experienced the revelation that Minnesotans are also paying untold dollars for give-away liberal social programs, mind numbingly stupid transit projects, political payoffs to unions and special interest cronies, and per diem allowances that allow legislators to live like rich people without having to do any real work.

And why stop with the Twins? The Timberwolves have been horrible the last few years with little hope of improvement. If the legislature were to enact a tax on missed 3-point attempts and poor coaching there would be plenty of money to acquire and maintain the star players needed to win championships. If anyone has the chutzpa to promote such a sensible tax, it's Senator Chaudhary. He's had plenty of practice and seems to take personal pride in advocating new taxes for sensibly stupid purposes.

And what about those Vikings and Wild...

I now realize why some contributors to this blog often refer to this guy as a "clown". Has anyone ever seen the legendary Senator Chaudhary and Homey the Clown together? Hmmm....

Maybe if the liberals in Saint Paul enact legislation proclaiming that children have the right to a state subsidized birthday party complete with a clown Senator Chaudhary will step up to the plate, so to speak.

After all, it would be "for the children".

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Blogger Thrifty Scot said...

"The Timberwolves have been horrible the last few years with little hope of improvement. If the legislature were to enact a tax on missed 3-point attempts and poor coaching there would be plenty of money to acquire and maintain the star players needed to win championships."

Or, maybe he could bring in the guy who used to cane the feet of the Iraqi soccer team when they failed to bring home victory.

Not as lucrative for Satveer, I realize, but it could perhaps be sold as a jobs program.

8/10/2007 2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It clicked when I read about the Senator's threats. Iraq, yes. Saddam. Satveer. Yikes!

And then another American citizen right here on this blog, posting thoughts along the same line--great minds! Probably not--even normal minds could connect these dots.

Did Senator Chaudhary mean 'beat or get beaten'(?) with clubs? Or would torture be applied--possibly be electrically tortured and then beheaded as well and perhaps buried with the entire Twins team in a group grave with 50,000 or more from a collapsed, poorly maintained, cheaply built stadium?

These thoughts are not original so don't congratulate me. They've been in the news--from Iraq! These and some news about unfortunate athletes dying due to being somewhat 'point less'-- dangerous under dictators. So our own Senator could be practicing to become a 'rookie dictator' right here in MN??????? Yikes again.

Hopefully the Twins are simply being threatened with loss of a stadium, now or later. With more officials thinking threats like this senator, who knows? Possibly the Twins would win...the right to leave MN!

Already, right here in MN there's been 'homicide by bridge collapse with no warning signs'--and slight liability levied on elected officials who prioritize funds for fun instead of to protect citizens going and coming on their way to work--to make money for taxes!

With less money 'threatened' for the new stadium perhaps 'homicide by stadium and parking ramp collapse--with no warning signs' [so citizens could not watch the Twins on TV--or like in the case of the bridge, take another route]. [Yawn] More collapses could be imminent.

Apparently the legislators in "control" at the Capitol--DFL majority I hear--are seeking to divide a few dollars with the victims of the bridge collapse...and limit MN state liability. That's okay I guess as long as all the elected officials get the costs for the victim's law suits taken out of their own personal funds... as long as all the legislators who ignored the inspectors get ejected from the Capitol post haste. We could do this in MN. We just have to install all those who came in second in the November 2006 elections. {These can't be worse than what we got who came in first.}


Neglect...bridge 50% okay.

Now,of course the taxpayer gets blamed for not giving all earned monies to the state to distribute at the trough. "The Piglet Booklet" continues to bloat with actual accounts of poorly prioritized funding...well read it for yourself.

What's a voter going to do? I KNOW!

8/23/2007 9:06 PM  

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