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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Calling the Question on the NB Council "Gang of Three"

One of the comments to Right Hook's New Brighton City Council "Gang of Three" post illustrates the all too typical liberal response to a conservative's views. Often it seems the best they can come up with is putting down or insulting the conservative without even an attempt at a coherent argument for why he or she is wrong.

To me this comes off as a tacit concession that the conservative's points were pretty much right on even though the liberal personally doesn't like the fact that the views were expressed. Concerning the points made in the post, I would like to call the question (sounds kind of eerily like something one hears at a council meeting, doesn't it):
Can anyone out there make a reasoned and intelligent case that supports what has happened with the NWQ, the Purchase of Marv's and/or Harry's, pushing for double-digit tax increases (especially now that the city ended up with a budget surplus this year after council members Bauman and Doffing had some success in cutting back the proposed levy last year), or for any of the other cited actions of the GO3? And, if not, then why do these people deserve to be returned to office?
Also, it just occurred to me that at this time last year there were public and televised work sessions concerning the upcoming budget while this year there doesn't seem to be any publicized activity. I think Mayor Larson did mention a couple of council meetings ago that work sessions were happening, but didn't say anything about public input or observation. Could this possibly be due to the upcoming election?


Blogger Right Hook said...

The silence is deafening.

Perhaps someone from a local paper or the League of Liberal Women Voters should formally ask this question of those seeking re-election...

9/06/2007 1:42 PM  
Blogger Frake said...

I was actually looking forward to an intellectual debate about these land purchases. But, alas, it looks as if the GO3/liberal sympathizers are devoid of logical reasonings. It appears that the only thing in their arsenal is name-calling. Typical and disappointing.

9/08/2007 6:42 PM  

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