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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Brighton City Council Election - This could be interesting...

The slate of candidates is now set for the New Brighton Mayor and City Council election this fall. This election features some new blood to go along with some of the old, anemic (and sometimes coagulating) variety.

The current Gang of Three has been leading the city toward a troubling destiny with mediocrity. With four candidates for two council seats and three for the mayor, the voters of New Brighton will have a chance to change the direction of the city, potentially for the better. Hopefully the voters will take this opportunity to put New Brighton back on track.

This time around big government liberal Mayor Steve Larson will finally face some opposition to his re-election. In the last election Mr. Larson had problems with keeping the proverbial one-man parade in sync, losing a significant number of potential votes to write-ins and no-votes in an uncontested race. It will be much more interesting this time around with two qualified competitors, especially with another two years of a lackluster-at-best performance as mayor to defend. Conservative candidate Dan Dahms, and the seemingly moderate-to-liberal Edward Bova will offer the voters an alternative to Larson from opposite sides of the idealogical spectrum.

In the council race we have two very qualified candidates in Terry Post and David Phillips to challenge Gang of Three member Mary Burg and former Gang of Four (the fore-runner to the current Gang of Three) alum Kim Moore-Sykes for the two open council seats.

Terry Post is a conservative, long time resident of New Brighton with a very strong background in government and finance.

David Phillips has built a reputation as a strong opponent of eminent domain abuse with a lot of experience in defending victims of the practice.

Mary Burg, the incumbent Council Member and part of the Gang of Three, has been a major disappointment with a decidedly liberal big government philosophy after running on a platform of fiscal responsibility in her last election. She is a genuinely nice, congenial person, but it is often downright painful to observe her indecisive and convoluted thought process during council discussions. After much hand-wringing and wavering she usually ends up in lock-step with the rest of the Gang of Three.

The last, and least, candidate, Kim Moore-Sykes, was issued an in-your-face rejection slip by the voters in the last election by a two-to-one margin. Mrs. Sykes is a command-and-control big government liberal with a very condescending demeanor that, for good reason, did not click with voters last time. She is the policy equivalent of the out-going Gang of Three member Ann Hoffman with a similar track record from her term on the council and bears a lot of responsibility for the train wreck the current Gang of Three has perpetuated since her well-deserved ouster from the council last election.

Yep, this could get interesting...Continue to stay tuned!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I reading between the lines corrrectly that Right Hook does not endorse Kim Moore Sykes?

9/12/2007 8:52 AM  
Blogger Force50 said...

Kim Moore Sykes was the candidate that said government was like a religion to her. Yikes! I take that to mean she worships government. It is her god. Her offerings are your hard-earned tax dollars.

9/12/2007 7:48 PM  
Blogger Frake said...

I am really pleased with the candidate field. Unlike recent previous elections, voters will have clear choices for all available political offices, including mayor. Either people will decide to go with government-knows-best folks or choose to go with the quite citizen revolt that started 4 years ago with the election of Sharon Doffing and Mary Burg, followed up with the election of Gina Bauman 2 years ago. (Unfortunately, Burg switched sides sometime after her first year in office).

Note: each election has resulted in a seat loss for the Good Ol’ Boys. Considering New Brighton has a 5-member council (including Mayor), this election could tip the scales.

This will be a very important and interesting election cycle indeed.

9/12/2007 11:02 PM  

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