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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Double Standard Bites Mukasey

Fox News reports that Bush's nominee for AG, retired judge Mukasey, has disgruntled Democrats. How so? He answered, in reply to a question requesting his opinion of the practice of waterboarding, that he found it personally repugnant, but would reserve any official opinion until he'd seen a particular set of facts connected to a particular legal question.

First of all, these miffed Senate Democrats know that this is just how lawyers are, and how they ought to be--most of them are lawyers and they all know this is how lawyers are trained to think. But could some enterprising journalist with more clout than I have please point out that this is a gross double standard, highlighting the disgusting hypocrisy of so many of these pols? "Personally repugnant ..." hmm. Now where have I heard that phrase before? Oh yes ... abortion, that's right. How many of these dough heads are "personally opposed" to abortion while they vote time after time to keep it safe, legal, and commonplace? So how come Judge Mukasey isn't allowed to be personally opposed to something and officially willing to condone it? I guess because making a guy believe he might drown is so clearly more morally obnoxious than pumping a woman's uterus full of saline solution, burning the baby therein to death, and pumping the dead child back out, piece by piece.


Blogger Right Hook said...

Double standard is right!

Listen to liberal democrat Senator Charles "Upchuck" Schumer from 2005 justify the use of torture in some cases in the clips from the Mark Levin Radio Show:



11/01/2007 9:19 PM  

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