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Friday, October 26, 2007

Must See TV in New Brighton

The replay of New Brighton City Council Member Sharon Doffing's appearance on "Off the Record" last Wednesday will be on this Saturday October 27 at 11:00 PM on local cable Channel 21. Be sure to set your VCR or DVR if you can't watch it when it airs as this is definitely must see TV for anyone who lives in New Brighton.

Council Member Doffing gives an eye-opening overview of how the New Brighton city government business gets done behind the scenes. One comes away wondering if maybe New Brighton should change its name to Little Chicago.

She also presents some video from the infamous December 14th, 2004 city council meeting that shows the heavy-handed tactics employed by the council to "acquire" the Signation property. The video also provides irrefutable proof that former council member and current council candidate Kim Moore-Sykes, shall we say, "misrepresented" (as in "sanded off the truth" with a friggin' chain saw) her past support of eminent domain at the recent LWV Candidate Forum and the CTV Candidate Speakout. Viewers witnessed Mrs. Sykes make the motion for the council to initiate eminent domain proceedings against Signation with a coldness eerily reminiscent of Mrs. Bill Clinton.

There is also a lot more that you need to see and hear for yourself. Set your VCR/DVR now for New Brighton cable channel 21 at 11:00 PM on Saturday October 27. It would also be good to share your recording of this program with friends and neighbors who do not have cable.

This program is a must-see for anyone who cares about government that serves the people instead of the other way around, especially with an election coming up in less than two weeks that could change the course of New Brighton government for years to come.


Blogger Daria said...


Council Member Doffing makes it pretty obvious that the incumbents in this election all need to be defeated to allow for a clean start. With this many years of poor decisions and back room politics to this point it will be a huge cleanup task for whoever gets in and the incumbents have shown that they cannot be trusted.

The only thing I can add is that I feel it needs to be stressed that Terry Post is the most fiscally conservative and financially astute of the council candidates. I realize time was short at the end of the interview, but it needs to be made abundantly clear that for the best interests of the taxpayers and the city, Terry Post is a far superior candidate compared to the incumbent Mary Burg and completely off the charts compared against the pathetic shrew Kim Moore-Sykes.

Mary is very likeable and tries to do what's right, but she does not have the firm conservative convictions (actually she's pretty liberal) or financial acumen of Terry Post or the private sector land development perspective of the seemingly moderate David Phillips. Likeability, good intentions, and being too driven by emotion unfortunately do not get the job done over thoughtful logical analysis, practical experience, and core convictions. Terry and David offer good complementary qualifications as well as some ideological balance over Mary's demonstrated logical drifting and big government liberalism.

Clearly a City Council of Mayor Dahms and Council Members Post and Phillips added to the two responsible incumbents Bauman and Doffing who have already served us well would be the ideal scenario coming from this election.

- D

10/29/2007 10:21 AM  
Anonymous On the Right said...

I had no idea the number of private, individual homeowners affected by eminent domain in New Brighton - all you hear about are the businesses. Doffing researched the NWQ issue well and mentioned several of these poor homeowner victims by name.

It's absolutely outrageous - their homes were not for sale on the open market. They did not want to sell but they were forced to by the City with the proverbial gun to their head. How can the homeowner afford the lawyer and combat the City's unlimited legal budget? Who has the time and energy for a long fight?

Doffing also mentions the confidentiality agreement that these displaced homeowners were required to sign which 'hushed' the terms and conditions of the forced sale. These poor homeowners are victims of an overzealous, big-government Mayor and City Council.

In poll after poll conducted nearly everyone is unanimously opposed to government using eminent domain to take private property for private development - over 90% of Minnesotans according to a poll at http://www.castlecoalition.org/pdf/polls/Survey-for-Strib.pdf

Doffing mentions New Brighton's mayor, as a gopher for the League of MN Cities, testified before the MN House of Representatives in support of the continued use of eminent domain before the legislation passed that restricted its use following the Kelo case.

Neither Mayor Steve Larson nor City Council member Mary Burg are representing New Brighton constituents and it's clearly time for a change.

10/30/2007 10:24 PM  

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