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Saturday, October 13, 2007

NB Council Candidate Kim Moore-Sykes: Vintage Sour Grapes Whine

Kim Moore-Sykes, the big government liberal who was soundly defeated in her re-election bid two years ago, has decided to make another run for the New Brighton City Council. The last time she ran the voters sent a very clear message that her fondness of putting government before the people and her penchant for unbounded spending was not acceptable. Apparently Ms. Moore-Sykes didn't get the message or was too arrogant to accept it as reflected in the sour grapes tone of a couple of whiney letters to the editor in the local papers that criticized the actions of the new council.

Her performance at the Candidates' Forum on Monday night revealed that she has changed very little since her ouster from the council. She still exudes all the warmth and personality of a snow bound fire hydrant. Her curt, robotic demeanor and general snootiness that didn't play well with the voters in the last election is still intact. It was amusing to watch her force a smile suitable for use in a Dulcolax commercial right on cue when the camera was turned on her. More importantly, she also still has the same tired big government liberal ideas she had in her previous six years on the council.

One of the more telling statements Ms. Moore-Sykes made was, immediately after candidate David Phillips presented his extensive private sector experience as an architect and real estate developer as strong reasons to vote for him, arrogantly touting her master's degree in government and her entire adult working experience of exclusively government positions as superior qualifications. This showed a lot of nerve given the mess that has been made of the Northwest Quadrant and the fact that she had played a major role in promoting and propagating it. Never mind that private sector enterprises have to make money in the open market while conforming to the endless whims of bureaucrats in order to be a success while projects like the NWQ can lose money at an alarming rate and still be bailed out by the taxpayers with little or no consequences for those who made poor decisions.

The defining moment of the evening for Ms. Moore-Sykes came later in response to a request to all of the candidates to give their feelings on the subject of eminent domain. Incredibly she asserted that eminent domain should only be used for the traditional purpose of creating public infrastructure for the general and common good and that it should not be used to forcibly transfer the private property of one individual to another to improve the tax base as had been done in the Northwest Quadrant! And she made this statement with the most sincere look on her face that she could muster.

Who was this woman, and what did she do with Kim Moore-Sykes? Either Ms. Moore-Sykes has developed a very severe case of amnesia or she was lying her gluteus maximus off (personally, I believe the case to be the latter). Does she really think that her six year record on the New Brighton City Council of repeatedly voting for the city to invoke eminent domain while coldly lecturing those who opposed it is just going to go away? Eminent domain was probably the defining issue in the last election and Moore-Sykes was on the wrong side of it as reflected in the drubbing she took, losing her office by nearly a two to one vote margin. This "come to Jesus moment", so to speak, for Ms. Moore-Sykes on the question of eminent domain smacks of pure political expediency for those of us familiar with her beliefs. At least when someone's property gets hosed by an actual fire hydrant it is to protect their property.

She successfully suckered at least one of the local papers (see the front page of the 10/11/07 Sun Focus - I'll put the internet link up as soon as it becomes available) into reporting that she is a strong opponent of eminent domain without any mention of her past record; not exactly hard hitting journalism. Just how short a memory does she think the voters have?

After the forum, campaign literature was available to those in attendance. The Moore-Sykes piece had virtually the same content word for word as from the last election with just a couple of minor tweaks and additions, further strengthening my impression that this is the same candidate that got whacked by the voters the last time out. A somewhat clever, if not downright sneaky, little twist is that the main banner heading reads "RETURN Kim Moore-Sykes" [my italics]. To me this appears to be a clumsy attempt to imply to those who don't follow local politics that she is an incumbent seeking re-election, although I'm not sure that being identified as an incumbent is such a good idea given how badly the incumbent candidates have messed up over the last couple of years.

As long as Kim is saving the planet by recycling her lit piece, I'll be just as lazy prudent and use a recycled commentary as Right Hook's review of her literature from the last election applies just as well to her current waste of ink and paper.

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