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Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Brighton Mayoral Candidate Dan Dahms Presents His Case

In case you missed it live last Wednesday, a replay of the local cable program Off the Record that featured an extended interview with New Brighton Mayoral Candidate Dan Dahms will be shown tonight (October 13, 2007) at 11:00 PM on CATV 21 on the New Brighton/Roseville system. Update: Mr. Dahms has made the audio of the interview available on his web site (HT to the anonymous commenter who called this to my attention).

Unlike the limited amount of time each candidate got during the LWV forums, Off the Record features a conversational exchange between the guest and the moderator with adequate time for extended discussion and the opportunity for phone-in questions from the audience.

In this appearance Mr. Dahms presents a compelling case for why he would be a much better mayor than the incumbent Steve Larson. As an added bonus, an unidentified caller to the program gets on the air to question the candidate.

I could refer to the mystery caller as "Mr. X" or, better yet, "Mr. NWQ", but since most New Brighton residents will instantly recognize the voice as none other than that of New Brighton Mayor Steve Larson, there's no need to cloak the caller's crassness in a shroud of mystery.

Although the exchange was interesting and informative on several levels it was rather tacky of Mayor Larson, as a public figure and holder of the office Mr. Dahms is seeking, not to identify himself to the participants and viewers. Voters can, and hopefully will, judge for themselves if Mr. Larson's combative demeanor and insolent tone reflected well on the dignity and decorum of his office.

I felt that Mr. Dahms, along with some unintentional help from Mayor Larson, made quite a compelling case that a change in leadership is sorely needed in New Brighton and that he is the right man for the job. Tune in, or set your VCR or DVR and see for yourself.


Anonymous Paul said...

Forget the LWV format! I just got done wathing my tape of this program and was really impressed. The interview format and extended time for the candidate to go into detail about his or her ideas was much more informative than the LWV production.

I thought the LWV forum forced the candidates into sound bite size answers to some complex issues. No one really did bad but no one was really impressive either. I think it was because of the time pressure to squeeze their thoughts into a quick answer without time to thougtfully reflect on the question.

On this program the hometown kid did really good! Steve Larson came off poorly by not identifying himself but I thought Dahms handled the obvious attempt to rattle him with poise but without backing down. I'm sure he recognized that the caller was Steve Larson but he chose not to publically embarrass the Mayor and showed a lot of restraint by not getting baited into a shouting match. This showed a lot more maturity than the way Steve handled himself at the Town Hall meeting a few years ago when he completely lost his cool and got into a shouting match with one of his constituents.

I know and really like Ed Bova (he is the type of guy that you just can't help but like). He did an outstanding job as a school officer and actually won the respect of my kids which was no small feat and would definitely be a fine mayor. Steve is also a very likeable guy, but has been in city government for so long that I think he sometimes forgets why the people put him there in the first place.

I do not personally know Dan Dahms beyond shaking hands after the LWV forum and came away as neutral about him. But in this interview he really impressed me with the thoughtfulness of his ideas for the direction of the city and the council and will get my vote.

It would really be good for the voters if some or all of the other candidates could appear in the same or a similar type of setting. My hat is off to Maplewood cable TV and the host of the program.

10/15/2007 9:35 AM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

I completely agree regarding the usefulness of LWV format. There are just too many participants, too little time, and too much of a PC attitude to really accomplish much. If anything it provides a forum for liberal incumbents to get some safe softball questions.

Thanks for checking out Boots On. Please come back often.

10/15/2007 10:30 AM  

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