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Monday, October 22, 2007

Wrong Calling For One Candidate

He said it during the League of Women Voters forum on October 8th. Candidate for mayor Ed Bova may have unwittingly showed why he should not be Mayor of New Brighton.

Quote: "I understand the criminal mind."

Perhaps I'm reading too much into this, but I find the quote disturbing on more than one level.

First, the quote is hardly a qualification for being mayor and I question whether he showed good judgement in saying it. His background is as a policeman and would be a good qualification for that position but not mayor. Maybe he said it to get publicity for his consultant business.

Second, it may imply a desire to manage, micro-manage, or counter-manage an already good police department. This is significant for the citizens of New Brighton since the crime rate is low and the police chief has done an exemplary job managing the department for many years. We are lucky to have our police chief. The last thing we need is a mayor to upset the apple cart in a well run police department.

Thirdly, the quote may imply an agenda of government over-reach. We've seen examples of this recently where good citizens are criminalized for political purposes. The Duke Lacrosse players come to mind; law enforcer Stephanie Mohr; border guards Ramos and Compean. Sure, nothing as bizarre would happen in New Brighton but I'm sure the people just mentioned never thought they would be prosecuted.

The bottom line is that Ed Bova is a good citizen and well-intentioned. He should stick close to his consultancy. His run for mayor runs too many risks for New Brighton.


Blogger Daria said...

There was something about Mr. Bova's performance at the LWV forum that made me uneasy but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It now strikes me that he may very well be a closet bureaucrat. I watched the (very choppy) replay of the forum on cable last night and confirmed my angst: Mr. Bova sounded like he was reading from a buzzword bingo card.

He talked about things like "dropping personal agendas", "Continuous Improvement Plans" (CIP) , "Personal Mission Statements" (PMS), "All Sing Kumbaya" (ASK), etc. OK, I made the last one up, but trust me on this one Mr. Bova, you don't want to be on record as promoting PMS!

"Bureaucratic Bull $h|t" (BBS) is a real problem with Mayor Larson (he advocates a PMA and often defers to the wisdom of the LMC with regard to the NWQ and ED and TIF, which often leaves the taxpayers of New Brighton SOL). We don't "move forward" by replacing one silly "Alphabet Soup Spewer" (ASS) for another with new and improved acronyms, even if he does promise to be our hero.

I also share your concerns about negatively impacting public safety. Our current Public Safety Commissioner Bob Jacobson has done an outstanding job in spite of some bad Council decisions. Even assuming that Officer Bova got along well with Commissioner Jacobson (and I have no reason to assume otherwise), putting a former officer into a position above the Public Safety Commissioner on the city org chart could create an awkward situation at best for both of them (how would you feel taking direction from someone you once supervised?).

As decent and sincere a guy as Ed Bova appears to be he seems to be the wrong man for the wrong job at the wrong time, and three wrongs very seldom indicate a right.

- D

10/23/2007 7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!! Throw one ASS out of office and get a new and improved one. Heckuva deal!

I can't honestly say anything bad about Bova but Larson is SUCH a buffoon. He can't blame his grouchyness on PMS can he? Does a PMA cancel out PMS?

"F50" and "D" for City Council!

10/23/2007 3:57 PM  

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