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Friday, November 09, 2007

DFL Expands Government at Alarming Rate

It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Though definitely not worth it, below is one that represents $646,000 in taxpayer money. Coincidentally it is the org chart of the DFL committee structure in the Minnesota House of Representatives (you can click the picture to enlarge it).

Image from a press release by House Republican Leader Representative Marty Seifert 11/08/2007

Enlarging the picture, unlike enlarging the government, won't cost you anything more. Last year when the DFL gained control of the Minnesota House they nearly doubled the internal budget for committees from the $324,000 under Republican control to $646,000! So much for limited government.

Is there any reason to wonder why the legislature can't seem to get anything constructive done? This bizarre cross of Rube Goldberg on Speed with Twister represents what liberals consider lean and efficient government as they tell us that budgets have been cut to the bone.

In his press release Representative Seifert puts this expensive monument to bureaucratic excess into perspective:
We have important issues we need to resolve and this process doesn’t make me confident that we will achieve those results. In the private sector, failing businesses are often over managed and under led. The more than 80 House Democrat committees are too busy mopping the floor to take time and turn off the faucet.
Wake up Minnesota! To say that these parasites in Saint Paul spend our hard-earned money foolishly is an affront to fools. Can you think of an occupation less productive than a state legislator? How long do you think a private sector business that was run on a structure like the one in the picture would last before the stockholders pulled their funding and disbanded it?

"Over managed and under led". I think Representative Seifert has nailed it.


Blogger Right Hook said...

This cartoon is pretty accurate with respect to the DFL approach to running government:

Farcus 11/12/2007

This is why you can never believe it when liberals tell us that a budget or program has been "cut to the bone".

11/12/2007 9:37 AM  
Anonymous Sue Jeffers said...

Where is the committee for jobs and economic development?
Sue Jeffers

11/19/2007 4:38 PM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

It's called the "Conservative Base", but I don't see it on the Twister Board.

11/19/2007 5:00 PM  

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