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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Liberal Fear Mongering for Higher Taxes

On southbound Highway 280 and Energy Park Drive, coincidentally(?) just about right in the middle of the I-35W detour route, there is a billboard set up to look like a digital traffic advisory sign with the following message:
There is no further text on the sign or any indication of who paid for it (as if that's a big mystery or surprise).

Just how gullible do liberal politicians and their supporters think we taxpayers are? This crass attempt to exploit a tragic accident for the sole purpose of creating political support for an unnecessary tax increase is lower than Algore's IQ.

The same clowns who insist that a tax increase is essential to maintain roads and bridges have no problem with diverting millions of dollars of "transportation" funding to politically correct nonsense like choo-choos, bike trails, walking paths, and ethanol subsidies. If the state of road and bridge maintenance was as dire as these shameless charlatans imply (it's not) the responsible thing to do would be to stop funding boondoggles and use the money already confiscated from those who worked for it to fix the roads and bridges (they won't).

We do not yet know why the I-35W bridge collapsed, but anyone with intelligence greater than that of a fence post should know that it wasn't because the already overtaxed people of Minnesota are not paying enough taxes. Unfortunately this threshold leaves out most of the liberals and socialists in the Minnesota Legislature as well as several RINOs. There is no problem with the road and bridge funding that can't be fixed through a cut in wasteful spending and responsible allocation of the excessive amount of money already collected.

Perhaps an advisory sign should be placed near all polling places with the following message:


Blogger Force50 said...

The legality of such a sign is suspect. Whose sign on whose property? What is the owner's connection to state government or the Democrat party. Was it done by a government employee? I'm sure the major media investigative journalists will find out for us. Right?

12/10/2007 10:39 AM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

In case I didn't make it clear, the sign is a commercial billboard and the people who are responsible for the sign, regardless of the poor taste it shows, have the right to rent the space. Liberals/Socialists/RINOs haven't succeeded in completely eviscerating the First Amendment. At least not yet (e.g. McCain/Feingold)...

As long as those responsible for the message paid the going rate for the billboard space, and I have no reason to believe that they didn't, I have no quarrel with the legality of the sign and fully support their right to display it. My criticism is with respect to their lack of dignity in shamelessly displaying such truthless crap.

12/10/2007 10:59 AM  
Anonymous Centerfield said...

Those behind this billboard are "Progress in Motion". I, too, find it done in shameful taste along the 35W detour and am left wondering....how many new bridges are they saying we need? how much money will it take? Or should we just jack up taxes and then ask these and other valid questions later?

12/10/2007 1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Progress in Motion" is as Hook suspected a coalition of Liberals, Socialists, and RINOs.

See the following article for a good background on this bunch of big government advocates:

MinnPost.com-Sarah Janecek.

The really troubling thing is that they claim the billboard in question is "just a mere tease of what's to come".

Conservatives have a lot of PR work to do between now and the next legislative session to counter this organized misinformation campaign.

12/10/2007 1:27 PM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

Centerfield and Anonymous -

Thanks for the tips on who is responsible for this exercise in poor taste.

From the Jancek piece:

"That one billboard is just a mere tease of what's to come," says Rick Krueger, executive director of the Minnesota Transportation Alliance, who will also head Progress in Motion. Besides the alliance, the new group includes road and bridge contractors, the Association of Minnesota Counties, the League of Minnesota Cities, engineers and transit and environmental groups."

The involvement of engineers and contractors, transit groups, and greenie-weenies is no surprise. Just follow the money and see who benefits from this blatant attempt at wealth redistribution.

It also apparently isn't enough for the AMC and LMC to just meddle in the affairs of local city governments to help liberal elected officials secure their fiefdom against the will of the people.

Anonymous is correct: Conservatives in this state have a lot of work ahead to counter these lies and scare tactics.

12/10/2007 6:24 PM  
Blogger Force50 said...

League of Minnesota Cities. Where have I heard about that before? Oh yeah! Wasn't Mayor Steve Larson of New Brighton a big player in that.

Couldn't be that Mayor Larson is in favor of higher taxes for the sake of big projects and a few profiteers. No that can't be. Perish the thought.

12/11/2007 1:02 PM  
Blogger G-Man said...

I propose a new sign:

12/11/2007 9:22 PM  
Blogger Jacob said...

I hope that if I have an untimely death, noone uses it as an excuse to make up a new tax.

2/28/2008 8:50 AM  

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