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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rally Caps

NRO's symposium on a looming McCain nomination entitled The Right Guy? asks the following question:
What can he [McCain] do to rally conservatives?
You mean, what lies are conservatives willing to swallow in voting for McCain? Good grief... and this sort of thing is posited from the flagship publication of conservatism, National Review.

John McCain is not conservative, and nothing he says will convince me otherwise. I've seen his act for the past decade and I know who the man is, and he is not conservative. McCain can say whatever he wants to win me over - I won't be listening.

Update (1/30/08, 2:28PM): Here's another call for reconciliation from NRO's The Corner:

Re: McCain and CPAC [Stanley Kurtz]

David, McCain has got to address his problem with conservatives. It’s a must. That means enduring booing, if he must, and pushing through it with a genuinely reconciling speech. In the end, it would help McCain far more than it would hurt him to endure such a test. The image of McCain dealing with the boos, remaining gracious (which would also help with the temper accusations), and making genuine gestures to conservatives would be powerful. But I see no reason to wait till CPAC, and every reason for McCain to make major public efforts at reconciliation before then. Speed would help, and would also perhaps ease the way at CPAC.

Pardon me for asking, but wouldn't it seem more sincere if McCain had "addressed his problem with conservatives" eight years ago after losing the GOP nomination to President Bush, rather than having spent time since then jabbing conservatives in the eye at every turn?

What exactly is McCain going to say to conservatives that they should actually believe? The man is simply not credible in what he says, no matter how hard the MSM tries to convince us of his "Straight Talk" bona fides.

There's no walking back a decade of betrayal with a few sweet words of reassurance.


Blogger Force50 said...

I agree with Thrifty Scot. Actually, conservatives' worst nightmare is unfolding. The only true conservative candidate drops out of the race too early, and the mushy middle-of-the-roaders control things up to this point. On the Laura Ingraham show this morning an Arizona caller jokingly said that McCain will build a bridge to conservatives to get elected, then we'll find it is a "drawbridge." Romney will get my support now, but like a lot of conservatives, this is not my first choice.

1/30/2008 11:39 AM  
Blogger Thrifty Scot said...

I heard that too, Force50. It was very clever and funny, and captured the antipathy felt toward McCain.

1/30/2008 2:38 PM  

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