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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Are Republicans About To Nominate A Democrat?

Republicans have long questioned Senator John McCain's party loyalty. Indeed, McCain has become the darling of the media because of his frequent disdain for fellow Republicans. The media even awarded him the elite title of Maverick.

They don't give just anybody this title. Democrats Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller spoke against fellow Democrats who put party politics over national defense, but they didn't earn the prestigious Maverick moniker.

Still, one wonders if John McCain would enjoy such attention had he switched parties. Would the spectacle of a Democrat Senator John McCain attacking Republicans be as interesting to media elites? Perhaps Jumpin Jim Jeffords could answer this question. The media forgot his name after he switched parties.

What if a Democrat Senator John McCain attacked fellow Democrats for supporting al Qaeda objectives in Iraq? Or for positioning themselves to benefit with every American GI's death, would he still be revered as a Maverick? Would ABC-CBS-CNN-NBC ever let him in their studies again?

It appears that Senator McCain had also pondered these questions.

As The Hill newspaper reported last year, McCain considered switching parties in 2002. But, apparently, Jim Jeffords beat him to the punch. Jeffords was everybody's darling when he switched, but later found it a lonely existence. Perhaps too lonely for McCain's liking. So much for formally switching parties.

But wait. Another door opened in 2004. Democrat Senator John Kerry said that McCain had approached him about becoming his running mate. It beats switching parties. Maybe he would become the Maverick in Chief as Kerry's veep. In Kerry's words:
...his people similarly approached me to engage in a discussion about his potentially being on the ticket as Vice President. So his people were active -- let's put it that way.
Of course, McCain's people say it was Kerry who approached McCain. They further say that McCain outright denied the opportunity. But, McCain is on record saying that it is an idea that he would consider:
John Kerry is a close friend of mine. We have been friends for years, Obviously I would entertain it.
Perhaps McCain is the first bona fide independent candidate for his true party loyalty is with the Party of McCain.

[Laura Ingraham offers a montage of audio clips about McCain's flirtation with the Democrat Party. Click here.]


Blogger Right Hook said...

Mark Levin has written an excellent piece on why McCain must be stopped.

For those of you without the time to read the whole piece, the following is the money paragraph:

"Of course, it’s one thing to overlook one or two issues where a candidate seeking the Republican nomination as a conservative might depart from conservative orthodoxy. But in McCain’s case, adherence is the exception to the rule — McCain-Feingold (restrictions on political speech), McCain-Kennedy (amnesty for illegal aliens), McCain-Kennedy-Edwards (trial lawyers’ bill of rights), McCain-Lieberman (global warming legislation), Gang of 14 (obstructing change to the filibuster rule for judicial nominations), the Bush tax cuts, and so forth. This is a record any liberal Democrat would proudly run on. Are we to overlook this record when selecting a Republican nominee to carry our message in the general election?"

2/03/2008 2:05 PM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

A disturbing piece on Senator McCain and Mrs. Bill Clinton in To the Point News that, if true, really underscores why both need to be denied the presidency...

The question also needs to be asked (and answered): How did McCain's campaign that by all appearences was DOA months ago all of the sudden find new life?

In any case, its time for Conservatives to get to their caucuses and stop this McCain nonsense in its tracks.

2/05/2008 7:58 AM  

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