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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Can We Stop This Train?

The Taxpayers League's Phil Krinkie has written an excellent article in this week's New Brighton Bulletin. The salient facts are these: the cost of the LRT light rail line for the Central Corridor has crept up to $1.25 billion. For this amount -- not counting millions in future subsidies -- automobile use on University Avenue will be reduced by less than 1%. The same route is currently well-served by buses without spending the $1.25 billion.

Krinke calls the Central Corridor LRT a "Trophy", not a genuine solution to transportation.

It is a waste of transportation funding when the same amount of money or less could do wonders for the Crosstown interchange or 694/35E or other much needed roads.

Any way you look at it, Central Corridor LRT is a bad bargain. But isn't that what DFL legislators are all about?

[Click here for Phil Krinkie's article -- G-Man]


Blogger G-Man said...

Hence the real reason for why the DFL wants to raise the gas tax. Half the revenues would go toward their toy trains. Their blatant effort to exploit the 35W tragedy to expand their toy train set is shameful!

2/14/2008 3:42 PM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

Why isn't New Brighton Mayor Larson and the other area elected officials on the I35W Corridor Coalition screaming bloody murder about this?

The gridlock on the 694/35W junction has caused a noticble increase in traffic on Silver Lake Road, Long Lake Road and Old Highway 8 as well as some residential streets in the city. This is not only a nuisance for residence, it is a potential public safety problem when school busses and students hoofing it to school are entered into the mix.

The best Larson seems to do is to use his closing comments at council meetings (often after he has made some bone-headed votes) to advocate every DFL sponsored tax increase to improve "transportation" and at the same time telling us that nothing will be done about the problem for another twenty years.

Larson and the other I35W Corridor Coalition members should be loudly calling for their cronies Chaudhary and Knuth to stand up for their interests of their constituents instead of supporting the mass transit nonsense.

2/14/2008 5:04 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Roger what Right Hook says. If you've ever tried to take a left turn onto Old Highway 8 from Foss Road during rush hour, good luck. It can take you five minutes some days. And there are no plans at all to put stop lights up along Old Highway 8. It's a joke.

All the train will do is divert bus ridership that's currently taking the routes that already run down University Avenue. Meanwhile, 35W/694 gets worse every year.

2/16/2008 8:53 PM  
Blogger G-Man said...

Twin City motorists pay $5-6 dollars in gas taxes to get $1 spent on roads in the metro area. The rest of these taxes go to "mass transit" – mostly to toy trains. Sounds to me like motorists are pulling all the weight here.

Meanwhile, annual operating costs for the Hiawatha Light Rail Choo-Choo is $19.85 MILLION. Annual revenue from riders is only $7.2 million.

Here's a bright idea. If the DFL wants more money for their trains, how about asking those who ride them to pay their fair share of the fare? How about raising the fares from $2.00 to $5.00?

2/21/2008 9:48 PM  

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