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Monday, February 25, 2008

HD50B Convention - Get There Early!

AAA over at Residual Forces gives this report from his Senate District 51 convention held this past Saturday: February 23, 2008 - Great Day For Conservatism.
In my BPOU, SD51, we had a full turnout, and tons of enthusiasm. We started the day off with a great speech by Congresswoman Bachmann, who gave a great and firey speech that got everyone’s blood flowing early. MNGOP Deputy Chair Dorothy Fleming and I also gave great speeches that kept the energy high. It was a truly amazing day for us in SD51.
The enthusiasm that we saw caucus night has obviously not receded. People are really fired up, though it's not hard to get excited about attending a convention when you know Rep. Bachmann will be in the house.

AAA tells me that the registration process was quite a challenge, as few delegates had pre-paid the convention fee and the turnout was obviously somewhat larger than expected. He believes that they had almost half of their 400+ attendees waiting in line as the 9:00 start time approached!

To all of those delegates and alternates planning to attend the House District 50B Convention this Saturday, you should consider showing up as early as possible. If you show up at five minutes to nine, thinking you'll breeze right in at the last minute, you might want to think again. It seems more likely you'll be standing in a long line waiting to register with all the other late comers.

I'm going to be there when registration opens at 8:30 AM. I suggest that you do likewise - it will make for a much more enjoyable Convention experience for everyone.


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