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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Huckabee Shuck and Jive

Governor Huckabee's candidacy arguably has contributed to Senator McCain's recent streak of primary wins. With McCain's obvious problems as a candidate I can understand supporting someone else and Huckabee's campaign has done a fine job of promoting him as a "real conservative" when he really isn't one.

The problem is that Huckabee, not unlike another former Governor of Arkansas, seems to be much more about spin rather than substance.

Jason Lewis has recommended the Club For Growth site as the definitive source for setting the record straight on what Huckabee, as well as the other candidates, is all about. As usual Mr. Right is, well, right.

The last couple of paragraphs of the introduction section of the Club for Growth Huckabee page sums things up nicely (my emphasis added in the last paragraph):
"Over the pas ten months, Governor Huckabee’s embrace of his liberal economic record as governor and his populist, protectionist rhetoric on the campaign trail has only confirmed the Club for Growth's original assessment," said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. "Huckabee himself admits that he is a 'different kind of Republican,"a code word for more government involvement, less personal freedom, and greater dependence on government bureaucrats."

"Huckabee is proud of his tax hikes, his spending increases, and his regulatory expansions as governor, and he has not indicated that he would govern any differently as president. Nominating Mike Huckabee for president or vice-president would constitute an abject rejection of the free-market, limited-government, economic conservatism that has been the unifying theme of the Republican Party for decades."
You can get the entire white paper in PDF format at:

The good news is that Huckabee doesn't have a realistic chance to secure the nomination. The bad news is that his slick campaign is sucking in anti-McCain voters who would probably otherwise vote for Romney. This very well may have contributed to some of McCain's primary wins and could cause him to ultimately end up with the nomination.

Hopefully you Huckabee supporters will have some time to do some research and reflection before Tuesday...


Blogger Daria said...

This morning on "The War Room", a nice conservative morning show heard locally on KYCR AM 1570 (the old Patriot II), host Jim Quinn had an intersting theory on the Huckabee candidacy.

Quinn smells an Arkansas rat in that Huckabee has got to be smart enough to realize he has no chance to get the nomination but has not pulled out to allow Romney to effectively challenge McCain.

Arkansas politics appears to have been run like a crime syndicate for many years and it is not out of the realm of possibility that the Clintons have something on Huckabee that would convince him to help them out to make sure McCain is the Republican nominee.

Not sure I'm completely sold on the theory just yet, but it is an interesting possibility...

- D

2/04/2008 8:02 AM  

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