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Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Path to Amnesty for McCain

Senator John McCain, one of the big supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens that has so alienated (sorry, I couldn't resist) himself with conservatives, has a narrow window of opportunity to secure amnesty for himself as a member of the conservative wing of the Republican Party.

If Clinton and Obama are to be stopped McCain has got to act quickly and decisively to take advantage of the short time opportunity he now has to make enough amends for his past transgressions against us conservatives to garner our enthusiastic support. Given the length and scope of past transgressions both the earning and granting of said amnesty will not be easy but must be done to avoid the certain disaster of a Clinton or Obama administration.

Richard Viguerie has a well thought out post on this at his Conservative HQ site. He makes some excellent points excerpted below and I strongly recommend reading the entire post:
After the last eight or ten years, in which Republican leaders were elected with conservative votes, but then betrayed conservative principles...conservative rhetoric is not enough to convince people.

Conservatives will not be so trusting this time.

Senator McCain must surround himself with conservatives in policy positions, so that conservatives know what sort of people will make key decisions in a McCain Administration. He must have a number of Sister Souljah moments with the Washington establishment liberals who consider him their favorite Republican. He must make conservatives cheer for him every night when they watch the news on TV – not just when they hear him give a good speech.

McCain has only a few weeks...to bring conservatives up to a comfort level with him. If he is to do it, in the words of Macbeth, ‘’twere well it were done quickly".

...He must show conservatives that his presidency would be an extension of what was started with Ronald Reagan.

If McCain is the GOP nominee, many conservatives will hold their noses and vote for him. But that’s not enough. If he is to be elected in November, he must have the enthusiastic support of nearly all conservatives, not just the grudging support of a plurality. He must have conservatives excited about his campaign, going door to door, making telephone calls, and sending out postcards and e-mails – all the things that require them to sacrifice time they could spend with their families. They won’t do that if the only reason they’re supporting McCain is that the Democrat is even worse.

...If McCain reaches out to conservatives in the right way conservatives will reach out to him. For John McCain, there is a pathway to citizenship in the conservative movement – if only he will take it.
I believe this is good advice for Senator McCain as well as for us in the conservative movement, provided that McCain makes good on his part.

Viguerie's advice also applies for a certain US Senator who is up for re-election that has also committed a lot of McCain-like transgressions against those of us who have supported him in the past.

Norm, are you listening? And more importantly, do you have the gumption to take the actions necessary to avoid a humiliating defeat this fall?

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Blogger Thrifty Scot said...

Good find - this is what blogs are for, as I never would have found this myself.

I enjoy seeing the tables turned on McCain, making him seek "amnesty" from "maverick" conservative voters.

One thing that would help McCain is if all his supporters would shut up - the more these jerks talk, the more I solidify my position against their guy. It's all very reminiscent of the immigration debate, where McCain and his bootlicks substituted invective for argument, as if those who opposed their position were an enemy to be crushed, rather than friends and family with a strong disagreement.

Michael Medved wants people to believe that McCain's opponents suffer from McCain Derangement Syndrome. Phil Gramm attributes opposition to egos run amok. And Rich Galen (mullings.com) asserts that Rush, Sean, Levin, and Laura are refusing to fall in line because it's good for ratings to oppose McCain.

Why does it not surprise me that McCain would be supported in such a lowrent manner? These folks are simply following McCain's lead. And why should I expect his presidency to be any different when differences arise over taxes, immigration, etc?

They think opposition to McCain comes from a fringe element that can be marginalized. They had best read this Viguerie article for the results of a CPAC poll, where only 20% of the activists in attendance though McCain was a true conservative, while 60% said he was not. That's a pretty big fringe. Good luck marginalizing that.

2/11/2008 9:19 AM  

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