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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Representative Kate Knuth: The Green Garotter

A garrotte is a device used to choke the life out of an unfortunate victim. It is also an accurate metaphor for District 50B Representative Kate Knuth's latest goofy green legislation that will choke the life out of our economy, lifestyle, and liberty if it ever sees the light of day.

Knuth's legislation is nothing more than a power grab for big central government in that it mandates "investments" (aka increased taxation and spending) by government into programs, infrastructure, and studies. In short, it is the implementation of a liberal "solution" (more government and taxes) to a "problem" that the liberals are in the process of defining whether or not it actually exists.

As a precursor to Knuth's dangerously liberal legislation (more on this later), the Clueless One issued a very self-serving press release to pave the way. The title alone, "LAWMAKERS INTRODUCE INNOVATIVE GREEN SOLUTIONS FOR MINNESOTA" should make all Minnesotans instinctively think "BOHICA". For some of you libs out there who are as clueless as Knuth, the reference is not to a band of Indians Native Americans but it may still resonate with a certain demographic of enthusiastic Knuth supporters.

The introductory paragraph of the release modestly characterizes the DFL plans as
...a comprehensive action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050. This broad, bicameral alliance of legislators is calling the Green Solutions package "a real plan for real action" that will create and stimulate a Green Economy, put Minnesota on the cutting edge of energy efficiency efforts nationwide, and bring tens of thousands of good-paying, reliable Green Jobs right here to our state.
Although the words are little more than self-aggrandizing hyperbole they reveal how whacked out and dangerous Knuth and her ilk are when they are in power. Following the standard liberal playbook, logic, reasoning, and science are completely discarded to paint a picture of impending doom that only big government can derail. As usual, with the application of a modicum of rational thought and common sense the case for these proposals disintegrates faster than Bill Clinton broke his wedding vows.

To begin with, the assertion that government can (let alone should) "create and stimulate an economy" (green or otherwise) speaks volumes about Knuth's naivitae when it comes to economics and the role of government in a free society. In fairness to the Oxford educated Green Goddess of the Garrotte, I guess one can take the view that it all depends on the Clintonian notion of how one defines "economy" and whether or not the context of a free society is taken into account. Socialists like Knuth (she's way beyond "liberal") obviously believe that the definition of anything is malleable and a "free" society is in which those with needs (or event "wants") get things for free, courtesy of the government and the taxpayers.

In a real-world economy in a free society wealth is created when products and services desired by some in society are fulfilled by others through the free and voluntary exercise of commerce for mutual benefit. Demand is created when a person or group wants or needs a commodity. The supply, and subsequently the price, of a given commodity is determined by the capability and motivation of people to fulfill the demand for a price the requestor is willing to pay. The system is wonderfully self regulating in that if someone produces a commodity that satisfies a large demand they can prosper beyond their wildest dreams. On the other hand if a commodity is produced for which there is no demand the producer's enterprise will fail.

Contrast this with Knuth's socialist utopian "Green Economy" where wealth is redistributed by government fiat backed by the force of law. In the Green Economy the government (which, by the way, in the minds of socialists is synonymous with the bureaucrats running government as opposed to Lincoln's view of "of the people, by the people, for the people") determines and controls the entire supply-demand dynamics through laws, regulation, and the tax code. Never mind that we the people may not want, need, or be able to afford the commodity the government is selling. The government will tell us that we will buy it and how much we will buy, and if some in society can't afford it they will subsidize it by confiscating the wealth of those who have too much by their determination.

In short, government interference to the degree proposed by Comrade Knuth et al in our real world economy (which many real world economists believe is already heading for, if it is not already in, recession) would exacerbate the current economic problems we are experiencing. And this doesn't even take into account the damage the massive tax increases Knuth and Company are attempting to ram through the legislature this session. Bottom line: if the DFL gets their way the life will be choked out of our economy along with our wealth and liberty.

This post is already getting longer than I had intended and the real world of family and business obligations beckons. There's so much wrong with this "green initiative" Bravo Sierra that I can't do it justice in a single post and have really just examined the obvious high-level problems.

Please take the time to read the full text of the bilge Knuth has released to the press. Stuff in there like the "Minnesota Clean Car Act" (it has nothing to do with mandatory visits to car washes, at least not yet), "initiatives for creating Green Jobs and encouraging Green Living", and "Direct payments or refunds for Minnesotans especially impacted by the program" should scare the living (as well as the non-living, come to think of it) sierra out of you as a freedom loving taxpayer.

As alluded to earlier, the whole point of the press release was a prelude to yet another release that trumpets what appears to be Kate's centerpiece legislation in this session (which is hopefully her last), the "Green Solutions Package" which should more accurately be titled the "Green Government Growth and Socialist Power Grab Package". More on this in a future post...

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