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Saturday, February 02, 2008

What's wrong with McCain? Plenty...

The other day I was asked "What's so bad about McCain"? He's a conservative, isn't he?".

The reasons for the answer to the second question answer the first one. Just off the top of my head here are some of the reasons in no particular order that conservatives need to get out in force on Tuesday and prevent McCain from becoming the party standard bearer:
  • Keating 5 Scandal may still come back to bite him.
  • Expressed disdain for judges who "wore their conservatism on their sleeve".
  • Led McCain-Feingold assault on the First Amendment which effectively gave George Soros and MoveOn.org tremendous political clout against the Administration and conservative policy.
  • Supports amnesty for illegal aliens: McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill for illegal aliens.
  • McCain-Lieberman liberal tree hugger legislation.
  • Opposed gay marriage ban.
  • Originally opposed Bush tax cuts on a class warfare argument.
  • Currently NRA rated C+ after being in the A-A+ range for years.
  • Has publicly expressed disdain for "profits". Does not appear to understand trivial economic principles and the harm of government interference in the marketplace.
  • Vocal opponent to early war effort and publicly trashed Rumsfeld when he could have expressed his concerns to the President in private any time he wanted to. Appeared to be politically positioning himself to take either side on the outcome in Iraq if needed.
  • Considers waterboarding "torture" and opposes harsh questioning of unlawful combatants. Wants to close Guantanamo and grant unlawful combatants civil rights.
  • Did not reject out of hand when asked if he would join John Kerry's ticket as the VP in 2004.
  • Publicly stated that "Hillary Clinton would make a good president".
  • One of the leaders of the Gang of 14
  • Often votes with liberals on key conservative initiatives on an increasing basis in the last 10 years. Seldom misses an opportunity to stick it to President Bush as payback for the 2000 primary defeats.
  • While once humble about his commendable military record he now "wears it on his sleeve" and sanctimoniously believes that it makes him immune to any criticism on anything. Appears to be very vindictive with an explosive temper.
If this is the best we can do for a nominee, the Republican Party is in big trouble.

McCain has been steadily drifting left for many years. He is only a conservative when it politically benefits him and goes to the dark side faster than Bill Clinton ogles a hottie entering a room. Get yourself and like minded conservatives to your caucus and stop this media driven phony conservative from taking the party and the conservative movement down with his megalomanic candidacy.

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Blogger G-Man said...

What is most disturbing to me is the short memories that even fellow Republican activists have. McCain has demonstrated anger and bitterness toward fellow Republicans and, in particular, President Bush.

Democrats, with their allies in the media, have successfully turned the public against the President by lying about his policies. McCain claims to be a warrior in the War On Terror, but he was AWOL during the Democrat's attacks on our Commander In Chief.

When they lied about yellow cake, Niger, and Wilson/Plame – McCain was silent.

When they falsely accused President Bush of connecting Saddam to 9/11 -- McCain was AWOL.

When they lied about the threat of Saddam and dangerous weapons – McCain was silent.

When they falsely claimed that there was no connection between Iraq and al Qaeda – McCain was AWOL.

When they lied about FISA and falsely claimed that Bush was randomly eavesdropping on U.S. citizens' phone calls – where was McCain?

McCain does NOT belong to the Republican Party – he belongs to the Party of McCain!

2/02/2008 12:42 PM  
Anonymous Lydia Harris said...

Thank you for your clear, concise list. You have made John McCain’s true character much clearer to me now. Wonderful post!

2/07/2008 2:00 PM  
Blogger Danielle said...

It's funny. I have had the hardest time lately with trying to understand the candidates. And as a liberal, I always thought of McCain as a decrepit old man out of touch with the direction of where the country is going today. But this article actually shows he and I have some of the same beliefs. Opposing the ban on same-sex marriage. Opposing Bush. Supporting Hillary Clinton. If anything, your article showed me a new positive side.

10/22/2008 6:18 PM  

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