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Monday, March 31, 2008

Cottonwood Tragedy Revisited

One of the most wrongheaded editorials ever written can be found in this editorial in today’s Pioneer Press.


Sad to say it is written by a sitting state judge out of Marshall Minnesota by the name of George Harrelson.

First he sets us up by praising the responders as heroes. No argument there.

But then he goes on to tar anyone who pointed out the issue of illegal immigration. He accuses them of a rush to judgment and of turning to the “darker side of their natures.”

Incorrect, Judge Harrelson. People who pointed out the illegal immigration were doing the rational thing. The Cottonwood tragedy is yet another loud and persistent alarm about the major problem of illegal immigration. People who come here with every intent on breaking the law, one after another, scoffing even at the need for learning to drive before climbing behind the wheel of a potentially deadly weapon.

Harrelson goes on to suggest that local and state law enforcement don’t have the resources to deal with illegal immigration and that it is a federal problem. What a cop out. By now most responsible people understand that local and state law enforcement can be a big part of solving the problem, even if federal enforcement is the biggest disappointment.

Would a cop not stop a bank robbery because the bank was federally insured? Making excuses for officials who interact with illegals and know who they are is pretty much the same thing.

Bottom line is that liberals like Harrelson want absolutely no accountability on the part of the illegal, and certainly not on the part of local law enforcement.

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