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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sick of Waiting For Health Care?

Tis the political season and once again government-run health care is all the rage. Proponents tell us about the wonders of getting sick in Canada. So let's take a look at what government management did to Canadian health care.

If you need a hip replacement you might hear this when calling the surgeon, "as of today, it's a two year wait list to see me for the first initial consultation." The average wait for knee surgery is 12 months. For cataract surgery, it's 18 months.

You can get immediate care for life threatening emergencies such as a heart attack. But treatment for conditions that aren't immediately life threatening fall under the "elective" category and require long waiting periods. This includes a couple years to get a heart bypass. Further, it is not uncommon for Canadian citizens to die from cancer while waiting several months just to get a biopsy.

In Canada, it is illegal to pay a doctor yourself. It is also illegal purchase your own health care insurance. But, you can buy health insurance for your dog and even get same day treatment with no waiting list.

I wish to extend a thank your to Mr. Anonymous for offering the link to the following video called Dead Meat by Stuart Browning. Dead Meat highlights the wonders of government-run health care in Canada through the eyes of Canadians who need it. This is a must see for anyone engaged in the debate over universal health care in the U.S.

If you think government can regulate us into better health care services, you must see this video.

Ah, but government-run health care will mean equal access for all, regardless of wealth or influence. Not so fast. The following video highlights the story of two women, one who had to wait over two years for bladder surgery while the other found no waiting for a sex change operation.

More info at OnTheFenceFilms.com and at FreeMarketCure.com



Blogger Force50 said...

This is a nightmare. A horror story. The kicker is that the lady who needed the operation could not pay extra to get the operation sooner. Will our legislators ever wake up to this sort of thing? Realize that government provided and rationed health care is not the answer? Yet people like John Marty plod along without a clue.

3/17/2008 5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh please! I just stumbled onto this post and almost laughed out loud. Illegal to pay for your own healthcare in Canada? Did you do any reading before posting this? In several provinces doctors who take patients on the provincial health plan are not allowed to take patients with private insurance but those patients are free to go to any doctor who opts out of that system and there are plenty of them. The intent is to prevent double billing by doctors who could get paid by the gov. insurance and then turn around again and get paid by private insurance.

You either don't really know what you are talking about or your intent is to present a false picture. Either way it indicates that no one reading your post should take you seriously.

As for hip replacements, I suppose your point is that the situation is better in the good old free market USA. Who gets hip replacements? Old people. What insurance do old people in the US have? Medicare. Good old fashioned government provided health insurance.

Can you give any indication you know what you're talking about? It seems unlikely.

6/17/2008 10:16 PM  

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