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Monday, March 17, 2008

Kate Knuth - Suave a Extranjeros Ilegales

A friend of mine, an intensely patriotic American combat veteran, copied me on an e-mail he sent to his representative in the Minnesota House that expresses his displeasure with his rep's vote against cracking down on illegal aliens by prohibiting "sanctuary cities":
You recently helped defeat HF 3010. That bill would have helped prohibit so-called sanctuary cities from harboring illegal aliens.

Have you already forgotten about about the four innocent American citizen children who were killed by the careless actions of one illegal alien in Cottonwood, Minnesota? Illegal aliens are federal criminals. They willingly chose that status by the very first action they took in this country. They are criminals and deserve no sanctuary, no aid, no sympathy, no safe harbor. They are criminals and should be routed out of our society like the infectious disease that they are.

Your actions are anti-American and you should be ashamed of yourself. In the future, please behave in a manner more fitting a patriotic American, not a anarchist.

Yours truly,
Taxpayer, American citizen, Veteran of the United States Armed Forces
Here in District 50B, our Representative Kate Knuth also voted against this simple measure which could have potentially had a huge impact on dealing with the illegals that have already infested our cities and help to remove or at least reduce the incentive for other illegals to come here.

Maybe Representative Knuth would care to explain her vote to the parents of the children killed in the Cottonwood bus crash. Clearly the government's inaction on dealing with illegals proved to be a far greater danger to these children than global warming or insufficient tax revenues to fund choo-choos.

Before you libs get all upset, please note that I am not claiming that Representative Knuth is responsible for the Cottonwood tragedy (unlike some of you who attempted to directly blame Carol Molnau for the I-35W bridge collapse). I am merely pointing out what appears to be a serious lack of judgment and reasoning on the part of our youthful representative as to the potential consequences of her votes.

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Blogger Daria said...

At her town hall meeting on Saturday Knuth clumsily danced around a request by a constituent to explain her vote on this by stating that it was a "complex" issue that would "probably come up in the campaign".

It is tragically ironic that she added that she voted the way she did in the "interest of public safety".

- D

3/17/2008 2:38 PM  
Anonymous Right Fielder said...

Just got this e-mail alert from Minnesota Majority.org:

Rep. Kate Knuth is Supporting Sanctuary Cities That Harbor Illegal Aliens

Here is the Minnesota Majority.org link to the generic alert which is pretty much the same as the e-mail text (the e-mail was specific to Rep. Knuth):

Tell Your Rep. to Prohibit Sanctuary Cities from Harboring Illegal Aliens

Keep up the good work.

3/17/2008 4:20 PM  

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