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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Travesty of Transit

AAA over at Residual Forces has a great post on the inherent stupidity of the current frenzy by liberals to fund and build "transit".

The piece does a great job articulating what we conservatives have long known about transit funding: no matter how much the state squeezes from the taxpayers it will never be enough for these clowns. Furthermore, to add insult to financial injury, the systems built will never provide the convenience, environmental benefits, and congestion relief that their promoters promise.

As Andy nicely sums it up:
We could raise taxes 100% in Minnesota across the board, but we’re never going to be able to afford the choo choo system that would benefit us all, let alone solve our transportation needs. The choo choo system that would make a dent into getting cars off the roads, system wide, would cost tens and tens and tens of billions of dollars. We can’t afford that.

I repeat, when the heck did they ban roads? Roads are the cheapest way to help the most people. We don’t need to build a train, operate it, and have it go to everyone’s doorway. We just need to quit wasting money, investing in boondoggles, and add lanes!

Roads, roads, roads, roads! There’s a far cheaper way to help people get around, they are roads, we should try prioritizing their funding for a change.
It's obvious that the socialist utopians in charge in Saint Paul, who are often aided and abetted by Governor Greenie, do not legislate in the best interests of the people of Minnesota.

We have the opportunity to stop a lot of this nonsense this fall by bouncing many of the dummies, environmental charlatans, and self-serving elitist utopia builders who squander our hard-earned tax money and have the nerve to come back to shake us down for even more while telling us we don't pay enough. Let's not blow it.

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Blogger Force50 said...

Bill Pulkrabek, a Washington county commissioner has a fine editorial in the Pioner Press today. He breaks down the real cost to county residents. The most they would get from the Met is an additional bus route, a poor bargain for $5 million annually. A new bus route directly would cost between $500 and $700 thousand to operate, without going through the hoops and contortions of the Met Council or the mandated Joiunt Powers Board. The kicker is that 1 to 2% of all the new sales taxes collected goes to the Minnesota Dept of Revenue for collecting the tax: so here's a tax to collect a tax! Further he points out that Wisconsin will have a full percentage point lower sales tax after a county plan is enacted, so what do you think county shoppers will do? It really is too bad our Ramsey County commissioners are not as smart as Bill Pulkrabek. Or is it that they don't care, they'll use any means to get more money for government.

3/31/2008 5:31 PM  

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