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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

I spent the bulk of the day working (without the benefit of a generous per diem) to pay for the increased cost of living brought on in large part by asinine liberal environmental policies, bio-fuel mandates, tax increases, and over-regulation. Even so, after work I managed to get into the appropriate celebratory mood that this monumental day warrants (it ranks right up there with National Watch Paint Drying Day).

In a nod to the liberal tradition of symbolism over substance, I fired up the All-American V-8 in my classic vintage vehicle and applied multiple celebratory applications of throttle. There's nothing like the sound a big-ass American V-8 unencumbered by emissions controls makes as it consumes fossil fuel and expels the exhaust through a low restriction dual exhaust system devoid of catalytic perversion! Even though the said fossil fuel was contaminated by 10% ethanol (per nanny state mandate), with the employment of a little manual choke the old Detroit iron fired right up with a nice mellow rumble and just a subtle odoriferous hint of a little unburned gasoline boutique fuel present in the exhaust.

And guess what? In spite of my non-green actions, the planet survived, just as it has in the past.

If tree-hugging liberals (aka "watermelons", i.e. green on the outside, red on the inside) get their way I may be required by law to score some carbon credits in order to legally carry on my traditional celebration of this great non-event in the future. This, of course, assumes that my classic American iron has not been legislated or taxed out of existence in favor of wussy Kyoto compliant hybrids or glorified golf carts.

If I had been environmentally responsible and purchased some carbon credits before my despicable act of defiance to the green gods and goddesses today, would the planet be measurably more conducive to sustaining bio-diversity, with or without lining the pockets of politicians or promoting further corruption?

On the other hand, could the case be made that the government intends to further infringe on more of our freedoms, confiscate more of our wealth, unnecessarily increase the cost of living, and lower our standard of living as a result of irresponsible "green" legislation?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Earth day 2009! Yes, its been a whole 'nother year. We need to celebrate - I think a bonfire would be perfect! Too late to organize now, but how about next year - April 22, 2010, we have the first annual earth day bonfire and wiener roast?

4/22/2009 1:45 PM  

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