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Friday, April 25, 2008

New Brighton Town Hall Meeting - Saturday 4/26 8:30 - Noon

Read all about it on the City of New Brighton Web Site.

It looks like a couple of interesting topics will be featured, as advertised at the above link:
City Manager Dean Lotter will present information on the NWQ and conduct a question and answer session after his presentation. His presentation entitled, "Northwest Quadrant, A Path Forward," will include the questions that came up during this winter’s Neighborhood Meetings.

Joe Hatch, the City’s Code Enforcement Officer, will present various facts about New Brighton’s housing stock. He’ll explain the City’s approach to nuisance complaints and present basic information about the International Housing Code. Participants will also be able to ask questions about housing and neighborhood issues as well.
It will be interesting to see what spin is put on the NWQ (though one gets a pretty good idea just based on the title of the presentation). Hopefully substantive questions will be allowed and answered without too much spin and tap-dancing.

As troubling as the NWQ situation is, at least it's a well known entity. On the other hand I don't like the sound of things like "International Housing Code". Maybe it's just some benign bureaucratic twaddle that was given what was intended to be an impressive name to inflate the ego of those responsible for it. On the other hand, the way our liberties and property are being assaulted on multiple fronts by "One World Government" advocates, big government nanny-staters, global warming zealots, etc. one cannot be too vigilant about trying to stop stupidity and/or unwarranted government intrusion into our lives before it gets a foothold.

As an added bonus rumor has it that Lori Grivna, the HD50B GOP endorsed candidate running against our clueless Representative Kate Knuth this fall, and Ed Matthews, the GOP endorsed Conservative opposing uber-liberal incumbent Betty McCollum for the Minnesota Fourth Congressional District seat, will be in attendance to meet and chat with New Brighton residents.



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