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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Real Reason the Knuth Kookiness Matters

Toy trains and economic inefficiency due to enviro regs and pro-abortion policies and disingenuous self-righteousness all matter--all those manifestations of the Knuth kookiness matter. But there is one reason that it, and the manifestation of it in so many other tenderhearted DFLers in State leadership really, really matters, and it's captured in this and related YouTube videos. They absolutely will not acknowledge the nature of our most potent enemies, who will sit under the hot lamps of a sophisticated Western TV studio powered by the engines of Western capitalism and spout a decidedly unpopular view under the protections of the Western idea of freedom of speech and STILL fail to feel the absurd irony and weakness of their own position:


After watching that video, ask yourself why this man, who is obviously a natural born British or colonial citizen by his accent, does not see how it is only the goodness of the philosophical Western secular system he rejects that preserves his life, when he holds to such an unpopular minority view in his society? It is because the British versions of the Knuth kookiness walking around over here across the water will not apply any heat. They will sit back and allow this man to do violence to them, or applaud while others do violence, and will enjoy it, because allowing him to use their own righteousness against them improves their self-image. Ayn Rand, how prescient you were!

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