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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"DFL Don" Shelby Shows His Insensitive Side

There seems to be a double standard in the mainstream media when it comes to what is acceptable for liberals to do or say compared to what is allowed for conservatives. Those of us with a conservative viewpoint are very aware that the double standard exists. It's frustrating when a lefty shows poor taste in a public statement and suffers no consequences while knowing that a conservative would be lambasted in a similar situation.

Today I received an e-mail from a friend who was appalled by a tasteless attempt at humor by liberal radio talk show host and golden boy anchorman Don Shelby yesterday. The pertinent text of the message is shown below (with personal information redacted) and is pretty self-explanatory:
[My husband] and I got really angry yesterday when we heard Don Shelby on the radio and he was just being really goofy with Jeff McKinney and they were playing music and sort of singing the headlines and stories. They were making light of everything, including the story about the man who was severely beaten in Coon Rapids last Wednesday. We know this family and they are a wonderful, faithful family.

Bryan Novak was jumped from behind and beaten with a bat across his head/face and kicked in the ribs. The attackers got away. He had to be hospitalized and faces some more surgery. We were angry that Shelby would poke fun at something so hurtful. We were tempted to call WCCO and complain, but decided to just cool down about it. But it was definitely wrong for Shelby to make light of such a serious issue.

What a big jerk.
In my reply I assured my friend that the double standard is just a fact of life in the local media and advised her to not let it get to her. I also chastised her for listening to a talentless moron like Don Shelby in the first place and suggested she tune in Jason Lewis or Hugh Hewitt during that time slot.

Imagine if a talk host with a conservative viewpoint like Jason, or even one with a relatively non-controversial style like Joe Soucheray, had shown the poor taste to attempt a radio bit around such a tragic story. I guarantee that there would be at least some call for punishment from the liberals in the media.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real tool is Jeff McKinney. Shelby gets scrutinized because of his position, but if you listen to past episodes of the show--it no longer airs, thankfully--you'll see that Jeff McKinney is the complete talentless moron. (It's a hard charge to make against Shelby.) McKinney is forever making sexist comments, forever doing his horrible "Southern" accent to make fun of people who are supposedly dumb, and just making tasteless, unfunny jokes all around. I'm so glad he's gone.

6/14/2010 12:36 AM  

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