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Friday, May 16, 2008

How Many Illegals At Scene of Cottonwood Accident?

Sorry for being so skeptical when it comes to illegals trying to escape responsibility for their actions. This is the latest on the Cottonwood bus accident that killed four kids. Olga now says the boyfriend was driving, not her, but did not say that initially. Read the full report here:

We’re told that a federal agent says that Olga Franco’s boyfriend was in the van, based on interviews conducted days after the accident. Not only that but a co-worker of the boyfriend says he picked up the boyfriend at the scene. And there were two witnesses who came forward who saw the boyfriend near the scene. One of the witnesses came forward after talking to a pastor.

The skeptic in me wonders how the co-worker could view the scene of the accident and not stop to help – yet out of loyalty or something go out of his way to pick up the boyfriend and whisk him away. Talk about mixed up priorities.

Try to remember that Olga stole an identity and gave a false name when first arrested.

Again I would like to know the legal status of all these witnesses and that of the boyfriend. Of course we are not told. Is it just me or does this whole thing reek of a scam to play on our sympathies and perhaps fool an agent or two. Will Olga walk because of it?



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