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Saturday, May 17, 2008

North Suburban Liberals: OK to Off the Kid and Take a Do-Over at Taxpayer Expense

Pro-abortion liberals often try to make themselves appear more reasonable with crassly have-it-both-ways public statements like "I support a woman's right to choose, but will work to try and cut the number of abortions that do occur". In most cases when these people are presented with the legislative opportunity to add the most miniscule restriction to when an abortion is permissable under "law" they find some lame excuse to vote against it.

In the May 2008 print edition of the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) newsletter there is a short article that points out that "it is perfectly legal to abort a child in Minnesota because the parents were hoping for a baby of the other gender...and many believe the practice is on the rise due to increased availability of early gender tests". Words cannot express how disgusted I was when I read this.

But it gets worse.

The article goes on to report that the State of Minnesota becomes a party to this infanticide (let's call it what it is) when the mother cannot afford the abortion "services". The already overtaxed citizens are forced to foot the bill for this ultimate and deadly form of sexism and discrimination.

The MCCL worked with pro-life legislators to get an amendment put into the omnibus supplemental budget bill (HF1812) to eliminate taxpayer funding of this slaughter. The amendment did nothing to prohibit the actual barbaric practice - it merely protected the taxpayer from being forced to finance it. The amendment passed on a 75-57 vote.

Among those representatives who did not vote for this miniscule provision of decency and common sense were the ultra-leftists that represent some of the North suburbs, including Representatives Kate Knuth, Carolyn Laine, Mindy Grieling and Tom Tillberry. None of these self-proclaimed champions of "the children" could bring themselves to support this minimal indirect protection for the most vulnerable of the children or to relieve their overtaxed constituents from the expense and indignity of being forced to fund this reprehensible practice.

I certainly hope the voters keep in mind the telling lack of character reflected by the vote of these so-called "representatives" who sanctimoniously tell us what's good and bad for us. We have the opportunity, if not the duty, to figuratively abort them this fall. And it won't cost us or the other taxpayers a dime.



Blogger Right Hook said...

These same shameful excuses for representatives also voted for the DNA Warehouse bill that was ultimately vetoed by the Governor.

Remember this when these clowns come door knocking and at election time.

5/20/2008 6:24 PM  

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