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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Representative Kate Knuth - A Madcap Liberal Out to Cap Our Prosperity

Representative Kate Knuth, the uber-liberal graduate student who unfortunately represents District 50B in the Minnesota House, has pushed historic economic disaster legislation through the House (and similar legislative offal has passed the Senate). In addition to serving as a comprehensive blueprint to wreak havoc on our economy it will also, if it ever sees the light of day, promote a lower standard of living and run roughshod on our individual liberties. Landmark legislation indeed, but for reasons unintended by its low-CO2-content-airhead author.

As has become customary with our humble public servant, she has issued a press release that modestly extols why we in HD50B are so fortunate to have such top-notch representation. And, as usual, the release demonstrates how clueless Representative Knuth is when it comes to representing the interests of her constituents.

A paragraph-by-paragraph analysis of Knuth's self-serving rubbish follows:

Bill authored by Rep. Knuth will lead to greater transparency in Midwest Regional Cap and Trade negotiation
Well, the introduction is impressive enough (exciting, isn't it?). Let's continue.
A bill to create a framework to apply to a Cap and Trade program placing a limit on the state's greenhouse gas emission passed the Minnesota House today. On a bi-partisan vote of 91 – 37, the bill authored by State Representative Kate Knuth, provides legislative oversight during negotiations on a Midwest Regional Cap and Trade accord.
Knuth's "Cap and Trade" program would be more accurately characterized as a "Bust a Cap in our Economy and Trade Prosperity for Government Meddling" program (not as catchy, but more accurate).

"Legislative oversight" - now that's a warm fuzzy that should help us all sleep better at night. Can you name anything worthwhile that has benefited from "legislative oversight"? On the up side, if those bunch of screw-ups are involved in any negotiations they may unintentionally cause the whole concept of a Cap and Trade accord to collapse, which would ultimately be in our best interests in spite of the intent of the nit-wit author of the legislation.
"Governor Pawlenty is already negotiating with five other Midwestern governors and the premier of Manitoba to set up a cap and trade market in the Midwest," said Knuth, who also authored Minnesota's landmark Renewable Energy Standard. "This bill simply ensures that those negotiations will be transparent and that the resulting agreement will effectively meet the greenhouse gas reduction standards enacted by the legislature last year."
Governor Green-with-Political-Ambition should be ashamed of himself for participating in this nonsense (but that's fodder for another post). Minnesota's "landmark" Renewable Energy Standard is essentially a cheesy junior high science fair project on steroids that has been elevated to the status of state law (does anyone know what Kate did for her junior high Science Fair project not all that many years ago?).

This legislation and similar misguided policies at other levels of government has already resulted in runaway food prices, food shortages and rationing, starvation in some parts of the world, and market distortion in several sectors of the economy. As with the legislative oversite provision, if this bill does for the sought accord what it already has for the economy it will ultimately be in our best interests.
Under the bill, the Legislature will create a bipartisan group to serve as advisors to the Governor's stakeholder group. The committee will receive regular briefings and participate as observers and advisors in regional negotiation meetings. It further requires the Commerce Department to report to the Legislature by January 15, 2009 on the costs and benefits of a cap and trade program and a model rule for its establishment under the Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Accord. If the model rule to meet the state's goals is not ready or unlikely to be adopted, the report must identify alternatives so Minnesota can supplement a regional agreement with state policy or join another regional Cap and Trade Program.
Isn't bi-partisanship wonderful? A "bi-partisan group". How sensitive to the feelings of the minority party. "The committee will receive regular briefings and participate as observers...". Additionally, the Commerce Department will be required to "report to the Legislature on the costs and benefits...". Wow! Our government in action!

I can report right now: the costs will be exorbitant and the benefits, at best, will be non-existent. I can also identify an alternative: Drop the whole stupid idea! And I don't even have a degree from Oxford.
"We just heard another report today that greenhouse gases in the air are accumulating faster than in the past, despite efforts to curtail their growth," said Knuth. "If we fail to be proactive, peak oil and a changing climate will force us to react in ways that would be disruptive."
Could it be that greenhouse gasses are accumulating faster than in the past due to all of the bloviating at the legislature? As far as "forcing us to react" goes, could it be what Knuth is really concerned about is that her constituents will finally catch on to this scam and realize what a dumb-ass they have representing them?

The reaction she should be concerned about is one where her constituents return her to the educational community where she can escape to her happy place of environmental utopia any time she needs to without dragging the people who make the real world work with her.
In order to secure support from resistant business interests the bill was modified significantly, and now enjoys support from a broad range of groups. According to Knuth, business opposition is shortsighted, since emission reduction efforts will be part of standard business practice in the 21st century economy.
Gee, I wonder why business interests are "resistant"? Don't they know that "resistance is futile" when it comes to Big Government? It couldn't possibly be that they recognize the abject stupidity of the whole "greenhouse gas abatement" effort and all of the cockamamie schemes to bring it about will damage everything they have worked so hard to accomplish and negatively impact our economy and standard of living, could it? Kate the Learned has the arrogance to label the views of business people who have proven they can produce something of value to society as "shortsighted"? What qualifies Knuth, who doesn't have the business acumen to successfully run the pop and cookie table at mommy and daddy's garage sale, to be an authority on "standard business practices" in the economy of any century?
"We have a responsibility to protect our planet for our children and grandchildren," said Knuth. "We've all played a role in creating climate change, and it's only fair that we all play a role in creating fair solutions to cut the amount of carbon dioxide going into our atmosphere."
Oh, well. Give Kate the Clueless partial credit on this one (after all, it's for the children). Yes, Kate, we do have a responsibility to protect our planet for our children and grandchildren. But we also a responsibility to leave them a country where they have at least as much freedom, property rights, and economic prosperity as we have (or, at least, had).

A positive step toward fulfilling this responsibility is not to allow charlatans and environmental fear-mongers like Knuth to shape policy and law in such a way that creates an unnecessary burden on our economy, strips citizens of their rights and freedoms, and does nothing of real value to protect the environment. Whenever a politician invokes the F-word ("fair") to promote their agenda (as Kate has done twice here) it should raise a huge red flag that the interests of those who produce are about to be suppressed in favor of those who don't and the parasite-icians who make their living accommodating such nonsense.

Dump Kate in '08!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It won't ever happen but I would love to see something like this published as an editorial in one of the local papers! It puts Knuth in her place in a desparately needed way the politically correct people that get pulbished around here can't bring themselves to do. Or maybe is it that the editorial powers that be at the papers are suppressing views like this that many of us working people are thinking. Go Hook!

5/08/2008 10:09 AM  

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