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Monday, June 02, 2008

Cap-and-Trade is America's Great Leap Forward

When I was receiving my superior District 621 high school education, a social studies teacher explained China’s “Great Leap Forward.” This was Chairman Mao Tse Tung’s effort to modernize and improve production through various new ideas. Moving city dwellers to the country for example. Organizing village collectives. Making steel in small village furnaces. Improving farm production.

Those were the goals. Turned out to be a colossal failure. Upwards of 20 million Chinese died of starvation and related disease.

One of the most stupid ideas of all time was that farmers were directed to plant crops three feet underground with the idea that they would grow bigger and produce more wheat or corn. The experienced farmers must have been horrified knowing that this would not work. They could not resist. The collective would punish them.

All during the Great Leap forward, the Chinese Communist propaganda machine churned out glowing reports of record crop production.

Since those high school days, I’ve marveled how anyone could be as stupid as to plant seeds three feet underground. But now I’m beginning to understand how collective stupidity can spread even in educated and industrialized countries like America.

I refer to the Lieberman-Warner cap-and-trade bill. Also to Kate Knuth’s Minnesota version of cap-and-trade.

Cap and trade is the equivalent of America’s Great Leap Forward. America is shooting itself in the foot and both legs. If passed, cap and trade will raise energy cost by billions and not produce a single benefit except for a new class of “green” traders. Ostensibly, cap and trade will reduce carbon dioxide in the air and therefore also global warming. The fact that many scientists disagree cannot sway those who have already drank the kool-aid.

In other words, cap and trade will chase a carbon genie back into its bottle. But the cost will be staggering. And the scheme won’t work in any case. Even if it did, even it made all its goals, climate would hardly be affected one iota.

But environmental nut cases would feel better. Politicians could claim a “green” victory. And a greedy new class of traders would emerge. Coal and oil producers would be punished, and pass along higher costs to consumers. That would be the equivalent of the highest tax hike in American history. Just for living and using energy.

So to chase a carbon phantom this country is willing to destroy its own economy, please a few elite Europeans, mollify environmental nuts … and emerge later as a third rate world power. No Nazi plot, no Soviet plot and no Islamic radical plot could ever hope to accomplish as much destruction in one fell swoop. With cap and trade, America is destroying itself by its own hand.

America is in the early stages of its own “Great Leap Forward.” The conditions are just right. A highly complicit and lazy mainstream American press will go along with the carbon propaganda, never questioning or doing any serious digging on their own. In their own way, the American press is outdoing the Chinese propagandists of half a century ago.

If you are one of the last few in America who still has common sense, tell Lieberman, tell Norm Coleman, tell John McCain … for the last darn time … the Emperor has no clothes! There is no global warming that is not part of a normal cycle; carbon dioxide is vital for plant growth and to produce oxygen. It is not a pollutant! There is global warming on Mars and climate change on Jupiter … miraculously accomplished without humans! How can we citizens get through the thick heads of our Senators and Representatives?

Now the question. What’s dumber? Farmers planting seeds three feet underground in a totalitarian communist system … or America implementing cap-and-trade to chase a carbon phantom in a democracy.

We need a new definition of dumb.



Blogger Right Hook said...

Good post!

Cap and trade is nothing more than a new scheme to justify a massive transfer of wealth and make it politically palatable.

The "blame America first" crowd also is giddy because Cap and Trade is also a mechanism to "even the playing field" by giving the government dictatorial control over the economy - bring the Third World up by dragging the US down. It is another step toward a centralized world government.

Cap and Trade is a threat to our liberty, economy, security, and way of life and should be opposed accordingly. Normally support of this nonsense should immediately disqualify any politician's qualification to hold their office. Unfortunately all of the presidential candidates buy into this horse sierra.

Fortunately we can bounce local back-benchers like Knuth without fear of her replacement being even worse. Norm is definitely skating on thin ice, and it wasn't caused by global warming.

Dump Kate in '08!

6/03/2008 8:00 AM  

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