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Thursday, June 19, 2008

President Barack Obama - A Radical Concept

Sean Hannity has been taking a lot of criticism from liberal callers lately for constantly referring to Barack Obama as a "radical". A disturbing thing is that Hannity's characterization may actually be understated.

An interesting editorial that appeared in Investor's Business Daily this week looks at the route Obama took to get into national politics and raises some questions that should raise more than just a few eyebrows. The piece examines how Obama came to political power from seemingly nowhere and poses the questions of just what does he owe those who helped get him get to where he is and perhaps more importantly, how does he intend to make good on his debt?

The mainstream media will more than likely not see fit to ask Obama, let alone demand answers to, the questions raised in the IBD editorial and will continue to lob softballs to him. The McCain campaign cannot afford to rely on the media to do its job on its own and needs to force the coverage by aggressively demanding answers to these questions on the campaign trail.

The known rogue's gallery of questionable characters Obama has surrounded himself on his political journey is also troubling. Although he is obviously trying to politically distance himself from the most embarrassing associations one has to wonder how much influence these people, as well as behind the scenes people not known to the public would have on an Obama administration. Or how many would actually end up being part of the administration, officially or behind the scenes.

It seems pretty obvious that Barack Obama is not often mistaken for a rocket scientist. Without his prepared speeches and teleprompter the man is a walking gaff factory. It would be dangerous enough to have someone this intellectually lazy and uninformed occupying the most powerful office in the world. Add in the danger of an ultra radical left wing agenda that makes the ideas of George McGovern appear to be Reaganesque in comparison and the prospect of an Obama presidency becomes downright frightening.



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