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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lori Grivna - The Clear Choice for Minnesota House District 50B

Lori Grivna, the GOP candidate for Minnesota House District 50B, has a post on her web site that I found to be very compelling in identifying why we desperately need to replace the current occupant of the office.

Lori's post from her web site is reproduced below with points I feel are especially important highlighted:
As some legislators roll out their session summaries, a brag sheet if you will, about what they accomplished this year we are told that the “bread and butter” issues were addressed. What they don’t tell you is how fortunate we are that the Governor, in this struggling economy, would not allow proposed tax increases of almost $5 billion to cross his desk. They also do not mention while shifting money around they managed to increase state spending by over $3 billion (almost 10%). Without addressing SPENDING, there is a future budget deficit of another billion. That’s a lot of bread and butter.

Families know that to manage their budget, spending must be prioritized to live within their means. Why is it that those who represent us in government can’t figure this out? At the state Capitol wants are viewed as needs, and we are told it is never enough. This quote says a lot about current leadership: “The notion that people can spend their money better than the government is trite, naive and anti-democratic,” states DFL Senate Leader Larry Pogemiller.

Democrats tell us the session was one of the most productive and efficient in many years. Yet according to the June 13th House Session Daily, “A record number of bill introductions and floor amendments have bogged down the legislative process, frustrating some and leading to questions whether current procedures are the most efficient use of time and resources.” A legislative committee is spending the summer investigating House operations. One could have seen this coming when the committee structure bloated from 27 standing committees to 101 various legislative groups; doubling the cost to taxpayers under DFL leadership. And let’s not forget the 16.6% per diem pay increase the House legislators slathered on for themselves!

If this was such a productive session, it begs the question, “Are you better off now than two years ago?” Most Minnesota families have tightened their belts due to higher energy costs, higher food costs, higher taxes, higher health costs, and lower wages. Foregoing campaign promises to not raise taxes, the largest tax increase in recent history was passed despite opposition from the majority of Minnesotans polled. The transportation sales tax, gas tax, wheelage tax, license tab tax, gas tax for bonds, and vehicle registration tax were increased. This taxing package will cost the average family of four about $515 more per year. Although we heard promises to hit the “rich”, Democrats proposed increased taxes for all Minnesotans on cars, mortgages, beer and wine, computers, clothing, even death. They even refused to reduce income taxes on our working poor. These actions are not the solutions to grow a flat and fragile economy.

Politicians claim they created tens of thousands of jobs, yet where are they? Job cuts and downsizing are the daily headlines. Current state policy is stifling business growth and expansion. Marvin Windows and Northwest Airlines are leaving the state and taking jobs with them. A long term vision requires policy to lessen the corporate tax burdens to provide employer incentives to bring jobs to our state.

Small businesses are the bread and butter of our economy. In April, the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council released rankings of the cost of state tax systems based on 16 measures. Unfortunately, Minnesota was 49th, while our business friendly neighbor South Dakota ranked #1. Let’s take the focus off government “revenue enhancement”. Let’s focus instead prioritizing state spending and mandate relief, allowing private enterprise in Minnesota to grow and flourish.

Our district communities provide fantastic opportunities for life’s bread and butter; working, raising families and enjoying the retirement years. We deserve leadership that will promote policies to preserve our way of life -- and not tax it away!
Compare the substance of Grivna's ideas and proposals with the dismal record of non-accomplishment and detrimental legislation by the current occupant of the District 50B seat and it seems pretty obvious which choice this fall will be in the best interests of those of us who live in this state and this district.

This time around we literally cannot afford to stay home as too many of us did last election and concede our representation to the tax and spend liberals in the DFL. It's just a matter of informing our friends and neighbors as to the choices involved and getting the job done on election day.

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Anonymous Right Fielder said...

Why doesn't Grivna speak this way on the stump? I'm trying to get excited about her campaign and to get others excited about it and she isn't making it easy. Her pitch here is exactly what people need to hear directly from her.

As Right Hook said in a comment to the post before this on: The Grivna campaign should be all over this!

Let's go! Knuth can be defeated, but the message has to get out. Grivna's message is a winner, but she'll end up the loser if the message doesn't get out to the voters.

7/28/2008 8:26 AM  

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