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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Representative Kate Knuth and Her Minions Come A-Knocking

Like an invasion of orange locusts the Kate Knuth campaign has swarmed the New Brighton area with door knockers armed with Kate's latest recycled propaganda, at least with respect to rhetoric as, curiously enough, the piece bears the obligatory union label but not one certifying that the paper is greenie approved recycled stock (shame on you, Kate!).

As with the last time around it appears that the campaign has obtained the support of out-of-the-district volunteers from what are considered "safe" (and therefore probably very liberal) districts. Kate even had the certifiable whack-job Representative Phyllis Kahn enlisted in the effort. Fortunately GOP challenger Lori Grivna had door knocked the neighborhood a few weeks ago so Kahn probably will not be facing any new charges regarding theft of campaign literature.

Kate's literature contains the usual tired DFL Central talking points customized for the young legislatorette with the usual retina-rousing orange motif and accentuated with some pretty hefty claims that go way beyond the run-of-the-mill DFL "sanding off of the truth". Admittedly the purpose of such literature is, by design, to be very self-serving and Kate certainly takes this concept to heart.

The warm (though carbon neutral, I'm sure) and fuzzy greeting on the address side of the piece reads as follows (with my fisking interspersed in brackets):
Dear Neighbors, [just visualize Kate putting on an orange cardigan and some loafers and feeding the fish...]

The 2008 Legislative Session will go down as one of the most productive [for those who make their living gaming a large central government at the expense of the taxpayers] in recent history. We [remember, we're all in this together] created thousands of good jobs [technically government bureaucrats and private industry positions to deal with the expanding state bureaucracy count as "jobs"] with a comprehensive [very expensive and not very efficient] bonding bill, enacted a transportation [as in "public transit"] bill to fund Minnesota's long neglected [by those evil GOPers] system of roads, bridges and transit, and made needed investments [transfers of wealth from taxpayers to the education union and DFL politicians] in Minnesota's [government] schools.

Throughout the session, I've worked [to ostensibly earn that generous per diem] to make New Brighton, Arden Hills, Shoreview, Fridley, and our state a better place to live, work and raise a family [by letting the DFL and big government run more and more of your life and consume more and more of your wealth]. For government to work well [an oxymoron if there ever was one] , everyone [told ya!] needs to be involved [and those of you who produce need to pony up]. I appreciate the support [even though much of it coerced via the big stick of big government] and input you've given me throughout my first term - it's helped me better to represent you at the State Capitol [it's a beautiful thing].

It is an honor to [self] serve as your State Representative!
Wow! How did we ever get along BK (Before Kate)? Did this never-worked-in-the-real-world grad student who managed to con enough voters to put her into office turn out to be Wonder Woman?

Well, just what does Wonder Woman Kate claim to have accomplished? The flip-side of the piece ever so modestly answers this burning question:
High [Cost and not so High] Quality Schools
Kate worked [loosely speaking] for and voted to invest [buy votes and influence with] an additional $50 million [(or more) of your hard earned money] in Minnesota schools - including more than $685,000 for Mounds View and St. Anthony-New Brighton Schools combined. The money will help cover transportation, energy, food and federal mandate costs [as well as taking good care of the union labor involved].

A Safe and Reliable Transportation System [that goes where the government bureaucrats want it to, not where people who work for a living need to go]
Kate worked [after all, State Representative is not a union gig] to pass a landmark [ouch!!!] bipartisan [some RINOs got suckered into supporting it] transportation bill to improve roads and bridges [more gigs for the DFL's union campaign contributors], ease traffic congestion [by enticing more people to move out of the state so they no longer drive on Minnesota roads] and expand transit options [get you out of your car and into a government subsidized transit boondoggle]. The legislation will make Minnesotans safer [serious injuries seldom occur in government induced grid-locked traffic], put people to work [primarily as bureaucrats and union paper pushers], and provide property tax relief [code for an accelerated transfer of wealth from those who produce to those who don't] across the state.

Creating Jobs
A comprehensive [meaning "bloated and expensive"] bonding bill will create 10,000 [certainly a nice, impressive round figure - one for every lake claimed on our license plates!] new, high-quality [by what standard(s)?] jobs throughout Minnesota. It will build new classrooms and science labs [and probably expand "diversity" programs and the like] at state colleges and universities , expand bioscience research at the U of M [though probably not as much as the taxpayers are expanding tuition and stadium subsidies], and secure clean water [not withstanding the fact that it has never been cleaner even before this legislation came along] as well as improvements [never mind the lack of any stated criteria or cost/benefit assertion here] to state parks and trails [these certainly sound like critical jobs at a time many small businesses are being forced to shut down due to government induced economic problems and large companies are leaving the state].

Getting Results ["Dismal Failure" is a result]
Kate authored a law to move Minnesota forward [there is a reason a law was necessary rather than just letting the market do its thing] in adopting [was it abandoned by the birth parents? - I could understand why] a regional [economic knee] cap and trade [killing] agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions [this occurs naturally when the legislature adjourns] and address global warming [FYI for Kate: this also occurs naturally - it's called "Winter"].

With New Brighton city officials [there is a black and white picture of a rather fatigued looking Kate along with a dour Mayor Steve (The 45% Solution) Larson], Kate worked for solutions to help develop the Northwest Quadrant [apparently the solutions did not quite address the problem as the NWQ is as big a problem as ever].
Are you all pumped up to go pull the lever to return Kate to Saint Paul this fall yet? Maybe Kate, as a woman of action, could borrow a tactic from our former Governor to help her campaign out:

Just in case you're not quite there yet, the flip side of piece also has a side bar section titled "2008 Legislative Accomplishments". In the context of the literature piece one could easily assume Kate was claiming personal ownership of the stated "accomplishments", but after taking a look at the list I think the intent was to tout the actions of the DFL majority with the implication that Kate was an indispensable member of this super team. If so, the effort appears to have come up lame, a common characteristic of anything associated with a liberal politician.

Check it out:
Expanded the property tax refund program [and provided political cover to local politicians to raise their budgets with minimal political consequences] and brought more tax fairness [wealth transference from those who produce to those who don't ] to Minnesotans [at least those who are DFL supporters].

Balanced the state budget without raising taxes. [WTF???? I apologize to our "family oriented" readers, but sometimes there is only one expression that does such a brazen lie justice! I guess all of the taxes the DFL did raise, including the gasoline tax at a time of $4/gallon gas had nothing to do with the final "balanced" budget.]

Enacted health care reform to bring down health care costs [for targeted DFL constituencies at the expense of business owners and those who work for a living] and expand health care access for working [actually largely non-working] people whose jobs don't provide health insurance [never mind that many such workers are covered as dependents on someone else's insurance] .

Created a fund to compensate [actually "politically grandstand" using] survivors and victims of the I-35W Bridge collapse [as a political prop]. [Since when is it the responsibility of the taxpayers of the state to assume the "compensation" for "victims" of misfortune? And is this fund safe from future "borrowing" by legislators for other purposes?]

Gave [rammed through the legislature with raw, naked partisanship] Minnesota voters a choice ["choice" is always good, right? (unless, of course, you happen to be an unwanted fetus)] to protect our [the togetherness thing again] environment and natural resources [using a very loose and intentionally vague definition of both "environment" and "natural resources", to be sure] and cultural legacy projects [just what is a "cultural legacy" project, anyway?].

Passed a law [ouch again, though not a bad as a "landmark"] making it easier for Minnesotans to take advantage [interesting that a "law" is needed for people to take advantage of something (e.g. Bill Clinton did not need one with regard to Monica Lewinsky)] of federal tax code changes that benefit families, military personnel, and veterans [within the nebulous and ever transforming big government definition of "benefit"].

Secured funding [confiscated more of your tax dollars] for the [boondoggle that would never see the light of day if funding were granted on the basis on what is needed and wanted by the people] Central Corridor light rail line [that will never make it based on merit. Where will the "funding" be "secured" from for the projected $10 million or so per year perpetual deficit this joke of a project will run up ?]

Enacted laws [again, the heavy-handed use of government force instead of just letting the marketplace do the job] to stem the [government induced] home foreclosure crisis [notice how it's always a "crisis"].
If Kate is actually claiming "credit" for such an copious collection of bravo sierra, she must believe she really is Wonder Woman!

Hopefully reality will prevail and the voters of 50B will come to their senses and realize what poor representation Kate provides at a time where competence is needed to fight the legislative lunacy that goes on in Saint Paul.

Dump Kate in '08!

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Blogger Force50 said...

Kate has to be kidding. Did her literature actually say "Balanced The Budget Without Raising Taxes." Let's see. The $6.6 Billion tax increase is not an increase. Then what is it? the gas tax increase is not an increase? The authorized county Transit Sales Tax (allowing county commissioners to vote on it) is not an increase? If her lit actually said that she currently has the title for THE BIGGEST LIE OF THE CENTURY!

Let's be frank. Kate and her DFL cohorts have done more to hurt family budgets in the last two years than any legislature in the last hundred years. I keep saying it, and maybe others will figure it out, Kate supports a handful of winners and creates a vast majority of losers, most of whom are productive hardworking citizens.

7/22/2008 12:39 PM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

Yes, as incredible as it seems her piece really does make that claim, as well as the others.

See the scans:

Address Label Side

Flip Side

Shameless. The Grivna campaign should be all over this!

7/22/2008 5:16 PM  
Blogger Mark Heuring said...

Excellent job, RH. I've posted about your piece over at my place. Hope you get exceptionally wide readership for this.

7/22/2008 11:01 PM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

Thanks, Mark.

Hopefully people will start seeing KK as the joke she is.

7/23/2008 7:18 AM  
Blogger Thrifty Scot said...

I received this piece in the mail a few weeks ago, and I had the same reaction about the flip side "accomplishments" panel. It is an obvious effort, IMO, to fool voters into believing that these were her accomplishments. The simple inclusion of "DFL" in the header would have made it clear that these were overall legislative accomplishments, not Knuth's accomplishments.

If Bill Clinton was the first black president, and Barack Obama is the first black Clinton, does that make Knuth the first white female Obama?

Her arrogance and dissembling are chronic.

7/24/2008 1:15 PM  

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