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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lock and Load

I've been really busy at the day job lately without much time to blog and so much has been going on. This is my first attempt at a "bullet post", a style often used very effectively by the prolific Mr. Dilettante.
  • Does anyone really believe that County Commissioner candidate Jan Parker is "not partisan" as she constantly claims? The next time you cruise through New Brighton, Roseville, Mounds View, or Little Canada take note on how often her signs are found within a group of signs that also feature those of unapologetic liberals/socialists like Knuth, Greiling, Franken, Obummer, etc. and very seldom, if at all, among a group of Conservative candidate signs. I'm sure this is purely coincidental...

  • The current mortgage industry meltdown demonstrates what happens when government interferes in the free market. Hopefully the currently proposed bail-out legislation will not be enacted without extensive corrections. Something needs to be done to address the problem, but the proposed legislation will just exacerbate the situation as it does not address and reform the cause of the problems. Any bail-out will stress the already stressed economy and as such should be packaged with major tax cuts (e.g. large reduction or elimination of capital gains taxes and corporate income taxes) to create a large amount of wealth (as opposed to transferring it from those who earned it to people who didn't) to offset at least some of the wealth that will be consumed covering the huge losses. Unfortunately I get the impression that the problem will literally be papered over with a flood of new fiat money hot off the government printing presses, which is never a good thing. If you think the current situation is bad (and it is), just imagine what we're in for in a decade or so when the bill comes due for Social(ist) Security...

  • With all of the media frenzy on the Presidential race, don't forget the other races where we have some excellent candidates challenging some really bad incumbents. The main event here is the race for the Minnesota 4th District seat in the US Congress. We have not had a Republican, let alone a Conservative, in the seat for over 50 years. After years of enduring the big-spending liberalism of Bruce Vento we have had to endure years of big-spending liberalism from the air-headed Betty McCollum. In this election we have an excellent candidate in Ed Matthews who will bring intelligence, dignity, and sanity to the office. Ed will absolutely smoke Betty in any head-to-head debate, but it will be painful for Ed as anyone who has attempted anything resembling an intelligent discourse with her knows it is an exercise in frustration. You can you can hear Betty the Dim in action during the RNC Convention in this classic comic audio clip. Contrast Bolshevik Betty's "whatever the democrat leadership tells me" position on energy with this example of Ed's thoughtful ideas on the subject to see just how important it is that Ed wins this race.

  • Another high profile contest is Lori Grivna's challenge of "Kate the Clueless" Knuth in the Minnesota House 50B race. Knuth is running a much lower profile campaign this time around as she now has to hide and defend her dismal record in office. Personally, I would like to see Grivna take the gloves off and put the smack on Knuth (figuratively speaking, of course). The orange attired legislatorette's record of tax-and-spend in lock step with the DFL leadership coupled with the absolutely bone-headed legislation (e.g. Cap and Trade) submitted under her name provides a target-rich environment that should preclude any chance of her re-election if properly highlighted and exploited. A good place to start would be this Sunday at Knuth's "meet and greet" at Barley Johns in New Brighton. If some Conservatives show up and ask some tough questions it will be amusing to watch Kate attempt to defend the indefensible. The last time she held one of these a number of Conservatives made it a long morning for her.

  • The Ramsey County Commissioner races also feature some really good candidates challenging the lackluster-at-best incumbents. Please contact the Conservative challenger running in your district and volunteer to help in any way you can. This is a rare opportunity to bounce not just one, but three, liberal or RINO career politicians. Let's not let it slip away!
Out of bullets for now...



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