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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mad As Hell...

Daniel Henninger's "Wonder Land" column today urges the McCain campaign to unleash Governor Palin, to turn her loose on the campaign trail with her message and record of reform. Great advice.

He gets around to hitting on the main issue of this campaign - the total and complete disfunction of the political system in Washington, be it run by Democrats or Republicans. He nails it:

You say Sarah Palin doesn't have enough "experience" to run Washington? Washington is barely fit to be run.

The problem isn't standard political corruption. The problem is that the $2.8 trillion federal budget is a vast ocean of Beltway pilot fish feeding off scraps from the whale -- lawyers, lobbyists, ex-Members of Congress. No one runs the Sea of Washington. It's too big, too deep.

Barack Obama wants to dig a deeper hole. John McCain should ask the American people if they want this to go on, because it's nonsense to vote for government to do "more" and then whine when it doesn't work or degrades into sweetheart-deal hell.

Talk is afoot that Senator McCain needs to embrace this issue or that - offer middle-class tax cuts, for example. Fine, but I think the game is up on offering ever-more government services for ever-lower cost to the taxpayers. That's just more of the same free-lunch shenanigans, only here offered from the right. (And don't tell me about those middle-class tax cuts "paying for themselves". That only happens at the highest marginal rates - the Reagan tax cuts were only self-financing from cuts to the 70% (and then the 50%) tax brackets. The same goes for "starving the beast". The federal government doesn't look like it's missed too many meals lately, even with the Bush tax cuts.)

The next Republican president needs to get serious about rolling back the size and reach of the federal government. That, in my estimation, is what people really want when they talk of reform and ending political corruption. Business as usual has to come to an end. Henninger thinks McCain is just the man for the job:

One hears talk of John McCain's temper. My guess is voters want someone to lose it with Washington, big time.

I agree with that wholeheartedly. I hope the Senator embraces this winning approach in the coming days. Even better, one can pray that Senator McCain would follow through as president.


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