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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ramsey County Commissioner Elections - Game On!

All three of the Conservatives running against the Liberal/RINO incumbents on the Ramsey County Board (Jim Schottmuller - District 1, Rick Moses - District 2, and Dennis Dunnigan - District 7) will move on to the general election this fall. This is great news!

Even though the incumbents finished on top in all of the precincts Conservatives should not be discouraged. The incumbents have huge advantages of established organizations, a stock of yard signs, a political war chest, and name recognition. All of the challengers were for the most part politically unknown, running on a shoe string budget, just beginning to put together an organization, and had to compete for the anti-incumbent vote with the other challengers in their district.

It won't be easy to knock off an incumbent, but we Conservatives have about two months to move the focus of the contests from name recognition and yard sign count to a debate on the strength of ideas and the record of the incumbents. If the question to the voters can be framed in this way the three Conservative challengers are well armed for battle. It won't be easy as the incumbents know they are vulnerable in such an environment and will do every thing they can to duck debates, downplay or hide their records, and run campaigns designed to program voters into auto-pilot "vote incumbent" mode.

It will take a lot of time, effort, and money by the candidates as well as their supporters - an uphill fight to be sure given the way the deck is stacked in the favor of the incumbents, but one that can be won. If you are serious about reigning in the out-of-control Ramsey County government please contact the campaign of the Conservative challenger in your district (start with the links above) and volunteer to do whatever you can to get them elected.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's the big chance in front of every voter. If people just realized how far lending a helping hand dropping off literature really does remarkably at the polls, all should go to these websites and magnify their votes with their volunteer efforts. PPPLLLEEAASEE if you are reading this go to their websites and show up and drop literature at the doors. This is a grass roots effort democracy where people putting their hand to the plow makes the difference!

9/10/2008 4:20 PM  
Anonymous Rick Moses said...

Thanks to everyone who supported me and got out to vote. It will be a tough fight in the general election and I will need a lot of help getting my message out.

Please consider going to my web site (http://www.richardmoses2008.com) and signing up to help distribute literature, put a sign in your yard, etc. Together we can overcome the odds and retire one of the biggest spenders from Ramsey County government.

Rick Moses

9/11/2008 11:57 AM  

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