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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

48 Months of Obummer Nation

I have made myself the following checklist. These are what I think will happen in an Obama adminstration. They are all bad. He will have 48 months to accomplish these things. He will have both houses of Congress to help him:

Defense Reduced – U.S. begins to disarm unilaterally, readiness reduced, white flag raised in Afghanistan and Iraq. Al Qaida emboldened. Green light for Russians in Georgia and Ukraine. Baltic countries sacrificed. NATO in shambles.

Violations of Second Amendment – guns taken away. Only outlaws and police have guns.

Religion – Churches taxed; pastors jailed for reading from the Bible.

Key Appointment – Franklin Raines, the Fannie Mae scammer who cooked the books to enrich himself by millions is given a key position in Obama administration.

Marriage Redefined – Gay marriage is imposed across the nation, regardless of the wishes of the majority of Americans.

Freedom of Speech Only For The Left -- Fairness Doctrine imposed; Rush Limbaugh driven from the air.

Inflation Jumps – inflation goes over 10% due to excessive government spending, stimuli and bailouts.

Supreme Court Goes Left – lefty departures are replaced by farther left justices. Conservatives replaced with lefties. Enough said.

Tax Increases – capital gains tax increased to pre-Bush levels, reducing business investment and pushing us into recession and keeping us there. Despite promises, those making less than $250,000 get a tax increase anyway. Woe be to those who make more. Watch the payroll tax increase first!

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Blogger G-Man said...

You forgot his first promise to sign Senator Boxer's Freedom of Choice Act that will repeal the ban on partial birth abortion and every state law that might be construed as a hindrance to the execution of unborn babies. This would include Minnesota's Right to Know law and would prevent the passage of a parental notification law. So much for standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves.

10/22/2008 9:43 PM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

So many bad things about an Obummer presidency and so little space and time to go into them!

Focusing on the judiciary, the Supreme Court appointments would only be part of the problem. Many cases never get that far and are ejudicated by lower courts.

Obummer could easily fire all of the lower court judges and appoint lefties and there wouldn't be a peep out of Congress (remember how Der Schlickmeister canned 'em all almost right away after election without complaint and President Bush was roundly chastised for canning a relatively small group late in his presidency, even though in both cases it was within the power of the office).

10/23/2008 11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Presidential candidate Barack Obama has expressed his opposition to the Fairness Doctrine; an aide to Senator Obama described the debate surrounding it as "a distraction from the conversation we should be having about opening up the airwaves and modern communications to as many diverse viewpoints as possible."

source: www.broadcastingcable.com/article/CA6573406.html

10/24/2008 2:04 PM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

Anonymous -

Nice try, but...

Obummer flip-flops and modifies his positions so often it's hard to keep track of his latest one.

He may officially oppose re-enacting the original "Fairness Doctrine", but is in favor of implementing the same sort of damage, whatever he ends up calling it:


If a liberal, veto-proof congress votes to codify the major provisions of the FD into law (which would actually be more difficult to undo than the original as it was merely an FCC policy edict rather than legislation), do you really think Obummer would veto it?

10/24/2008 2:32 PM  

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