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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Abortion Is Big Business Obama Can Support

Politics is the means by which free people with different views and different needs seek to govern themselves. It often becomes easy to cheer on your party and jeer the other like a Viking fan in Green Bay. But this isn't about whose team wins. It is about steering the direction of government and changing the rules by which we live. In short, politics is about winning the hearts and minds of fellow citizens or forcing majority rule. Before we seek to impose the will of the people upon each other, I ask that you consider what changes Senator Obama has in store for this great nation.

Whether you have been drawn to the idea of making history, are filled with hope (but don't know for what), or frustrated with the nomination of candidates that don't adhere to party principles; consider the potential consequences of this election. Consider how your vote will affect you and your neighbors.

Senator Obama promised "the first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom Of Choice Act." This would overturn the ban on partial birth abortion, overturn the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act, and overturn any federal or state law that might interfere with the act of aborting a pregnancy. Anything that might cause a woman to hesitate or think before aborting is deemed "interference". This includes Minnesota's Woman's Right to Know Act and laws requiring parental notification for a minor seeking abortion.

Abortion is big business and those who profit from it are big backers of Senator Obama.

[From America's Choice Now]

Obama has a record of supporting abortion for any reason at any time, up to and including the ninth month. He justifies abortion as a procedure needed for the health and life of the mother. But, the word "health" is his out. Since Roe v. Wade, the definition of health has been stretched far beyond traditional medical ailments and into the realm of the perceived emotional disruption that an inconvenient child in diapers might impose upon one's lifestyle.

Most of us, on either side of the abortion debate, can agree that late term abortion as a means of delayed birth control is wrong. Clearly, when a baby is in the third trimester and kicking in the womb, it is no longer just a choice. It is a life.


In 2003, with bi-partisan support, Congress passed and President Bush signed the ban on Partial Birth Abortion. According to the AMA, this procedure is never necessary to save the life of the mother. It is performed during the 7th, 8th, or 9th month of pregnancy. The abortionist induces labor and extracts the baby feet first until all but the head is out of the birth canal. An instrument is then used to penetrate the back of the head and scramble the baby's brain. The baby is then fully extracted.

This procedure is not used to save the mother's life because it is often the act of labor that imposes the risk. Still, the ban does allow the doctor to use ANY means necessary to save the mother if her life is truly at risk.


There are variations of this procedure. Sometimes a solution is injected into the womb to terminate the baby before labor is induced. This is less messy. However, it sometimes fails and a baby is born alive. If an abortion failed to deliver a dead baby, the abortionist would leave it on a table to die from exposure. In 2002, President Bush signed the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act to require medical attention to all babies born with the vital signs of life.

Senator Obama has opposed the ban on partial birth abortion and has opposed the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act. As President, he would overturn both.


I often get those constituency email blasts from elected officials. One of my city council members is good at keeping us informed on city business. But, I was taken aback and moved by her latest blast. In it, New Brighton city council member Sharon Doffing, shared her personal story as she began working for a health care provider:

Did I ever tell you the story about when I worked in a medical clinic and was asked, as part of my job, to give out information to women about how to obtain an abortion and provide them with referrals to abortion clinics? Well, at the time, before I was married, I had not made up my mind on if abortion was right or not. I learned real fast what was happening.

First of all, I was surprised that women did not need to meet with a doctor first to discuss this life changing decision. During my training, I was instructed to tell clients who called or walked in to simply request a “referral” for an abortion and one would be provided to them. All they needed to do was come up to the reception desk and ask for a “referral”. There was a drawer to the right of the Ob/Gyn reception desk that was filled with “referrals” conveniently tucked into a tidy envelope with the woman’s name on it. One doctor signed them all which made the clinics process go very smoothly so that these abortions could be obtained. When someone came to the front desk to ask for a “referral” whoever was working the station handed them one. After my training, I would be handing them out. As I continued through my training to cover the reception area I observed with frequency a number of women come in and request a “referral.”

Part of my training was also listening in to phone calls to help me better handle directing many callers. I was trained to quickly handle anyone who mentioned that they might want to end their pregnancy, even if they were in a state of confusion about it, to direct them in obtaining a “referral.”

The most shocking was the shear number and ages of women who came to the desk for the abortion referrals. I had assumed it would be just young teenage girls that got themselves into trouble. Not so! Most were women in their twenties and early thirties.

I witnessed some come to the front desk with boyfriends in tow. But most striking were the ones that came in with kids in strollers. And then there were the women that looked pretty far along pregnant. Those referrals we all knew where handled by one abortion clinic that did late term abortions.

I must say I completely made up my mind quickly when a woman came in that I later learned was five months pregnant. I was struck with an incredible horror when this woman asked for an “abortion referral.” Yes, she used the word “abortion” in conjunction for asking for a “referral.” And then she stood making small talk with my trainer saying she knew she had waited a “little long” to make up her mind and she wasn’t even sure her mind was made up yet. I mumbled something and fled to the elevator. I went immediately to ask to get transferred out of that job. I had made up my mind and wanted nothing to do with this job; ending life.

Maybe you won’t be handing a woman a referral directly to get an abortion. But, who are you handing your vote to? Are you, yes you, simply handing that referral over to be signed by a politician that will sanction it? It’s who you vote for who sanctions that it’s okay to end a baby’s life, even if that baby is near his or her birthday. Please watch this video [posted above] to see actual video clips of each presidential candidate speaking on the policies they have on abortion.
Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are determined to make abortion the easiest choice a woman can make. This is no longer a debate over reproductive rights versus the right to life. It is an effort to remove all obstacles that might hinder the growth of the abortion industry. Gone will be the attempt to treat abortion like a medical procedure with full disclosure of risks and consequences. Gone will be any pretense to reduce frequency and offer the choice of life. Gone will be millions of future American citizens.

Your vote matters. You can make history. You can punish your party. Or you can vote to protect the innocent. You decide.

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Blogger Right Hook said...

For the final injustice the American people will end up financing the infanticide mill as the socialized medicine that Obummer is pushing will no doubt fully fund "pregnancy terminations".

In fact, I would wager that under Obummer socialized medicine if a person needs a hip replacement or cataract removed they will be subject to a long wait and possibly sub-standard care, but those seeking "procedures" related to "reproductive rights" will get prompt service with a smile. And there will be very few "botched" abortions as government paid physicians will be trained how to do the job "right".

Disgusting, as well as immoral.

10/30/2008 7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And people wonder what happened to the "working class" of Americans to help pay for Social Security. And then there's a shortage of workers coming up. Schools are short enrollment. Where do you think all the kids went? 50 million Americans were aborted. It's had an effect on the economy too!

10/31/2008 10:16 AM  
OpenID lovemissbailey said...

if we end up paying for other people's abortions i will move out of this country!!! i am in shock that the liberal illuminati believes Americans won't stand up to this.

10/31/2008 4:33 PM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

Unfortunately we already do pay for abortions for "the poor" at the state level. Kate Knuth voted against stopping the practice.

10/31/2008 4:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Planned Parentood is big business. This article describes that PP revenues where 1 billion dollars in 2007. PP additionally has 115 million in surplus in their budget. And alarmingly they recieve over $300 million in federal grants per year!

11/01/2008 8:42 AM  

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