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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's About Time Air Betty is Grounded

Fourth District Congresswoman Betty McCollum, as anyone who has spoken to or has listened to her speak can attest, is an air-head. It is very understandable why her handlers keep her under tight wraps when it comes to high-profile campaign appearances or forums where opposition to her extreme liberal views may be present.

Every once in a while Betty the Brain is reluctantly allowed to participate in a public event and the result is usually total frustration on the part of those who try to get legitimate answers to questions posed to her. It's not so much that she is skillful at ducking questions - it's more that the maximum intellectual rigor she is capable of is about equivalent to that portrayed in an episode of Beavis and Butt-Head.

This is not to say that Betty the Dim doesn't try. It's just that the answers and statements she comes up with generally range from vacuous to (on a good day) shallow, although she sometimes does inadvertently stumble into creating pure comedy gold for her audience and her political opponents as shown in the following video clip from a recent candidate forum:

The vacant "was it something I said?" expression on her face at the end is priceless! If you are experiencing intestinal discomfort or a non-specific sinking feeling it's probably due to the realization that this woman ostensibly represents your interests in the US House of Representatives.

Serious times call for serious representation. Betty McCollum is silly at best and dangerously incompetent at worst. If she were relieved of her US Representative duties she could use the free time to do a pilot of Betty and Butt-Head with Al Franken as a co-star and potentially end up providing hours of entertainment for the masses.

Vote for Ed Matthews on November 4th and send Betty packing.

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