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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain Comes To Play

I've just returned from the am1280 The Patriot debate watching party, so I'm fairly unaware of the assessment of the debate, other than it sounds like the MSM is pretty much working off of their template - Obama wins by not losing. Great, thanks for that brilliant insight; collect your check as you leave the studio.

Here's a bit of info from Karl Rove from the WSJ:
This week also brought a reminder that Sen. Obama hasn't closed the sale. The Washington Post/ABC poll found 45% of voters still don't think he's qualified to be president, about the same number who doubted his qualifications in March.

This is seven points more than George W. Bush's highest reading in 2000 and the worst since Michael Dukakis's 56% unqualified rating in 1988.

Tonight, for the first time in this general election campaign, Barack Obama was pressed hard and made to defend his positions. I don't believe he always succeeded in doing so. In fact, I believe John McCain scored numerous hits that, while not constituting the "knockout" demanded by the cliche meisters in the MSM (FOX included), did prevent Obama from closing on the "trust" issue, and that's where he's going to win or lose this election, IMHO.

I think McCain was able to get the undecided to ask themselves whether or not they really know Barack Obama; he raised their overall anxiety level about voting for Obama. I think at this point in the campaign, that is an important victory.


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