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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain v. Biden III


McCain quotes the plumber and Obama's desire to "spread the plumber's wealth". He also does a fine job articulating how the raising taxes on business hurts their ability to grow jobs.

McCain missed -- again -- the chance to knock down Obama's welfare plan disguised as a tax cut to 95% of Americans [40% of tax filers don't pay taxes].

-- We interrupt this debate to air a segment from Dr. Phil --
-- Obama: "Senator McCain, your supporters are mean" --
-- McCain: "Senator Obama, back at you" --
-- And now, back to our debate --

McCain brings up Ayers and ACORN, Obama is forced to discuss them.

McCain: Palin will shake things up in D.C. Biden was wrong in many areas including his desire to split Iraq into three regions.
Obama:The American people will decide if Palin is qualified. [He can't admit she's more qualified than he is.] And, we need more spending for autism research. [It's in their blood folks. Liberals can't help but find ways to spend more money whatever the topic.]

McCain: Tap all resources of energy including off-shore oil and Canadian oil.
Obama: We need Detroit to make better cars [like the one George Jetson drove].
McCain: Admires Obama' eloquence to "look at drilling" rather than doing the drilling.

Obama: We're going to cut costs and give you cheaper plans. [Is this a plan to have Frannie and Freddie do to health insurance what they did to home mortgage?]
McCain: Let's empower people. Give them tax credit to buy their own. Hey, Joe the Plumber, my opponent wants to fine you if you don't provide the right insurance to your employers.
Obama: Let me misrepresent McCain's health care plan some more...

McCain is personalizing this by talking straight to Joe the Plumber. Obama tries to dazzle with big government ideas that sounds like, well, a big government plan.

McCain: Hey, Joe the Plumber, I want YOU to pick your plan. [EXCELLENT] Democrats were in charge the last two years...
-- Bob the moderater cuts McCain off, saving Obama more embarrassment --

McCain: Elections have consequences and President can pick judges. Mine will strictly adhere to the constitution.
Obama: Roe v. Wade was a good and moral decision [HUH?]
McCain: Obama voted against Born Alive bills and partial birth abortion [FINALLY]
Obama: I support bans on partial birth abortion as long as there are measures to protect the mother's health.
McCain: I admire his eloquence. Health is that magic word to mean "anything". [EXCELLENT]

Obama: Need more money, more reform. Need more early childhood education. Need to give the teacher's union more dollars. Need to subsidize more college tuition. We need more, more, more money.
McCain: Choice and competition is key and proven element to improving schools. Give parents the same choice that Mr. and Mrs. Obama had in sending their children to the school of their choice. More money isn't the answer. Some of the worst schools get the most money. [EXCELLENT!!]
Obama: Feds need to help local schools. [How about getting letting Fannie and Freddie help with schools too?]
McCain: Washington tried vouchers and 9,000 parents lined up. Need to reform programs that don't work like Head Start -- not just throw more money at them.
Obama: Me too. I like vouchers -- but they don't work because Washington only had 2,000 to offer.
McCain: Because they work but there's not enough, we shouldn't do it. I got it!

Where has McCain been? His best debate to date. He hit a lot of key points and personalized the issues for Joe the Plumber. McCain was also more effective at pointing out Obama's contradictions and catching him in his slick, lawyerly "eloquence", that is, deceptive speach.

Obama fans will still be happy with their man. All this politics stuff sounds greek to them anyway and, well, they have hope. What else do you need if you have hope? Certainly they won't mind spreading around their wealth with the rest of us.



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