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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

McCain v. Obama II


Check out Hugh Hewitts live blog here.

First question on economy:
Obama: This is a final note on the failure of the Bush administration and we cannot Strip away regulations and let the market run wild.
Me: Please -- what a crock. The problem is that we let Congress run wild.
McCain: We need to stop sending $700 billion over-seas, stop raising taxes.
Me: McCain blew it. Talk about an easy pitch to lead into how we got here with Fannie and Freddie.

Second question about bailout:
McCain: Ever hear about Fannie and Freddie? Democrats and Obama encouraged them, then got their contributions.
Me: FINALLY. Some straight talk!!!
Obama: blah-blah, biggest problem is deregulation of free enterprise.
Me: There he goes again. Fannie and Freddie are NOT part of the free enterprise. McCain is right, but needs more passion and energy to drive the points home.

Third question, more economy:
Obama: Know how we got here -- it's all Bush's fault.
McCain: Washington is broken. Too much spending. Too much Obama and Democrat spending. Need to compare Obama's liberal spending record to McCain's conservative spending recod. Need energy independence -- start drilling, build nulear plants.

Brokow: Stop talking so much!

The rest:
Obama: says he supports drilling off shore, wants big oil to drill where it already has land leased.
Me: Will McCain point out they cannot because enviro wackos have them tied up in court and Democrats refuse to give Big Oil relief from these vulture with lawyers?
McCain: Obama will rais taxes on small busines which will cut jobs. Propose more tax cuts.

Obama: let's "give" tax cuts to 95% of Americans.
Me: How can you give tax cus to those who don't pay taxes.
McCain: We need to loomk past the claims and to the record. Obama said he would cut middle-class taxes when he became a senator -- but he never proposed such taxes. [Good shot]

How about swaving the planet and making green jobs?
McCain: I tried, but it failed in Congress. Will keep trying. Need more nuclear plants.
Me: Was this a trick question to distance McCain from those of us who know that the sky isn't falling?
Brokaw: Manhatten Project?
McCain: Drilling ofshore now is vital to bridge the gap. Will reduce price now. When people know there is more supply, prices fall. [Good]

Brokow complains about talking too long. But this helps McCain. The more Obama talks, the more he sounds like a rambling politician. The more McCain talks, the more he warms up to the audience. I think he's getting more relaxed and more passinate.

Give me health care:
Obama: Government is the answer, long live the government [ok, I'm paraphrasing.]
McCain: Less government, get it out of the way. Let Americans buy the insurance plan of THEIR choice -- not through government mandates. [Can't type it all here, but he did good explaining it.]
Obama: Health care is a right.

Ok, I'm biased and I follow this stuff. I know when Obama fakes it and when McCain misses chances. But, I think McCain is more likeable and demonstrates natural leadership. Obama is just a college debater with no experience. Still, the VP debate with Palin was more fun. I don't think any ratings records will be broke tonight.

Obama: We need to kill Bin Laden and crush Al Qaeda -- but not if they are in Iraq.
McCain: I'll get Bin Laden, but I won't telegraph my punches.

Not as magical as I had hoped. Obamanauts will be pleased -- they don't care about substance. McCain was hard hitting on several points, relaxed, confident, and more likable. But, I don't know how the mushy middle saw it. Time will tell. Now for the pundit watch.


Blogger Right Hook said...

This "debate" was a joke and took shallowness to new depths.

The scope of questions was narrow and many seemed to pander to a dumbed down electorate. This played to Obama's advantage in that it limited his potential to make a gaff that would reflect his complete lack of qualifications for the job and presented little or no opportunity for McCain to highlight what a substantive lightweight Obama is.

McCain needed to take the gloves off and, as he has so many times in the past, failed to do so. Obama, as usual, spewed forth a lot of words interspersed with "ums" and "ahhs" and said nothing of substance.

It appeared to me that McCain won the debate, if one can call it that, on substance relative to Obama but I don't think anything about the race was changed among the dumbed down demographic that has not made their choice by now.

10/07/2008 10:36 PM  
Blogger G-Man said...

It was a let-down after the Palin Show last Thursday Night.

10/08/2008 12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Breaking news: Toyko stocks drop 10% (that affects our markets too).
Breaking news: Our economy is close to a huge recession.
Breaking news: The substance of the debate was our economy's downward spiral.

John McCain is a terrible candidate for the Republican Party. He is a phony and a bad pol as of late. Obama realized that the majority of the electorate wanted change from the current ideology early on, and so based his campaign on that. McCain, late in the game, is now running his campaign also based on change. The electorate isn't as stupid as you think.

The fact is that John McCain just doesn't understand the economy. He "straight talked" that all the way to the public in December 2007! Not even a year ago! I'm not saying that the Democrats don't shoulder some of the blame for our economy. But the current President and his enablers will be held accountable in the average voter's eyes. And Unfair or not, the Republican Party will be punished for enabling one of the worst Presidencies overall in the history of our great country.

I like straight talk, I really do. If you believe the speaker is "straight talking," then you believe he/she is telling the truth. The truth has set the McCain camp free. His campaign manager was just straight talking last Sunday when said "If we keep talking about the economic crisis, we're going to lose." Well that is unfortunate, can they not come up with a believable argument as to what they would do to make it better? I thought Republicans care about their money. He went on to say that they will do character attacks on their opponent to try to scare voters into voting against Obama, instead of using substance to attract real, passionate voters to his candidate. The electorate isn't as stupid as you think.

It is the fault of people who fundamentally can't deal with any government money controls. Just a little bit of regulation would have helped lessen the impact of this crisis we are in now. Free markets work best, and capitalism is the best system in history - but as in everything in life there are small, but not overbearing rules which need to be followed.

It may be time to face the facts. McCain will lose in November. Every electoral map estimate you will find has Obama with huge leads. The economy is still going to be bad in November. The current way of thinking will still be bad in November.

Obama 349
McCain 174
Ties 15


Obama/Biden: 264
206 Solid
58 Leaning

McCain/Palin: 163
143 Solid
20 Leaning

Toss Up 111


Obama: 264
177 safe
87 leaning

McCain: 174
125 safe
49 leaning

100 tossup

To be fair, I tried to find one on foxnews.com, but they didn't have one. I wonder why ;)

10/08/2008 2:22 AM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

No argument that McCain is a poor candidate with repect to carrying out Republican, and more importantly Conservative, ideals. He is more of a traditional Democrat than a Republican. He is definitely not a Conservative.

Lack of government controls did not get the economy where it is. Too much interference pushing it in the wrong direction were much more responsible and the Democrats own this. The Republican leadership deserves a fair portion of blame for abandoning Conservatism and/or going along with the Democrats on far too many things. Unfortunately you are correct that the Republicans will get the majority of the blame.

McCain does not understand economics as well as he should, but Obama actively advocates a Marxist style socialism.

McCain does understand the war on terror and proper use of the military in general and it is clear that Obama disdains the military other than when it can be used for political purposes.

McCain understands the inherent evil of the KGB types while Obama is an all hold hands and sing Kum Bay Ya type.

Bottom line - McCain is at least competent for the job when it comes to the most important qualifications and Obama is not, period, from both from both the perspectives of active and passive policy. Obama's lack of experience, radical past and associations with unsavory people, sugar coated Marxism, and willingness to exploit race and class envy are total disqualifiers.

I cringe at the thought of a punk street agitator (really, this is all Obama has ever demonstrated real competency in) as the Commander in Chief of the greatest military in the history of the world and an unrepentent Marxist as the head of our civilian government.

If Obama does win (and in spite of the cheerleaders in the MSM and bogus poll numbers it is not a done deal) hopefully the American people and Congress can minimize the damage he does until he can be swept out of office in four years as Reagan came on the scene to clean up the Carter mess.

Obama, with his Marxist underpinnings and Chicago street politics background has the potential to be even more dangerous than Carter, and that's saying something. It would be a rough ride, but we as a nation are too strong to allow a disaster like Obama to destroy it. We will survive.

10/08/2008 6:25 AM  
Blogger Thrifty Scot said...

What's strange about these debates for me is how anxiety-free I find them - I realize there's no performing good or bad; there's just "McCain". The guy is going to do what he'll do.

And somehow he remains within striking distance of the Air-mani candidate. Who knows? Maybe he knows what he's doing...

10/08/2008 4:01 PM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

Uncle Rush pointed out today that Obummer generally wins elections when there is no one else in the race - he has a history of not being able to close the deal.

In his first runs for office he effectively eliminated the competition through use of a friendly court or using the media to make the details of an opponent's messy divorce battle front page news. He couldn't close on the Ice Queen until the super-delegates pulled various parts of his anatomy out of the fire (and God only knows what the quid pro quo was to get Shrillary to back off).

McCain and Palin are still in the race so Obummer is not a shoe-in. Rush advised, quite correctly I think, that we need to accept that it is not in McCain's nature to get nasty with an opponent so Palin and Conservatives like us will have to do it for him. It ain't over, regardless of what the lamestream media is trying to make everyone believe.

We as Conservatives have a two-part mission: First and foremost, save the country from Obummer and then worry about managing McCain and the liberals he will put in his cabinet.

It will be a tough fight, but it's far from over.

10/08/2008 4:33 PM  

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