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Friday, October 03, 2008

Moses Speaks!

You can see District 2 Ramsey County Commissioner candidate Rick Moses present his candidate speakout speech now at Rick's site (or be behind the times and wait until the local cable channel decides to air it).

Rick may not win an Emmy as the next video star, but he clearly showed why he is the vastly better choice in this race. He makes some very good points in his speech that show why the current career politician who currently holds the seat has got to go. Pay close attention to his description of how the current Board of Commissioners conduct business in a way that pushes public input and commentary aside and the laughable logic they used to justify the totally unnecessary sales tax increase.

Bouncing a well-entrenched career politican with all of her special interest money and manpower will not be easy, but Rick can do it if enough of us help. Please consider investing a little time and shoe leather and contact Rick's campaign (see the web site link above) and volunteer to distribute literature in your neighborhood, place a sign in your yard, make phone calls, or help this grass-roots effort in some other way. Even if you don't want to get involved in the campaign, just writing a letter to the editor of the local papers or informing your friends will help to make a difference. Most importantly, make sure to get out and vote for Rick on election day.

A small investment of time and effort to help Rick now could return huge dividends in the form of lower taxes, and less intrusive and more responsive government. 



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