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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin v. Biden

But with less play-by-play, just key points of interest.

8:02 PM
They meet, Palin asks Biden "nice to meet you, hey, can I call you Joe?"

8:03 PM
Congress' attempt to save the economy.
Biden: We need more oversight.
Palin: Reminds the people that two years ago McCain offered oversight, Biden and company rejected it.
Biden: Two weeks ago McCain said the economy was strong.
Palin: McCain was refering to the strength of the American workforce.

8:09 PM
Who was at fault, pedatory lenders?
Palin: Yes it was. Appeals to public to band together and demand government oversight -- and don't over-reach.
Biden: Blaims McCain desire to de-regulate. Obama wants to reinstate regulation.
Palin: Hits back with Obama's recod of voing for tax hikes 95 times.
Biden: Says it's not true, says

Is Palin overcoached, too scripted? She's missed the opportunity to point to the Democrat's protection of Fannie and Freddie in 2005. She also wans to introduc herself and her record as governor. I hope she focuses more on what an Obama presidency would be versus a McCain presidency.

8:15 PM
I can't keep up. Biden is doing well hitting McCain. Palin is fighting back, but needs to hit back at the tax cuts for the rich claim hader.

8:30 PM
Palin brings back the nergy debate. Brings back drill here, drill now -- leads to more jobs, bigger economy, more independence.
On climate change, Palin disputs the degree of human cause, Biden echos Algore.
Palin: The chant is "Drill, baby, drill". Points out that Biden andObama have said 'no' to every opportunity to get domestic resources. Good for her.

8:36 PM
Gay Marriage
Biden sounds like he supports gay marriage, then says he doesn't.
Palin puts asside the political debate stage and talks straight to the American people -- dos NOT support redefining marriage. Her appeal to the the American people is a good approach.

8:41 PM
Palin is doing well throwing Biden's past statements back at him. She is gettin more relaxed in this format.

Going to si back and watch now. For more detaled live blogging, check out Hugh Hewitt here.

I'm sure Biden will please his base. First, he followed the blame Bushmantra well. Second, he sounded more presidential than Obama.

In contrast, Palin did a fine job speaking to the people. She has charm, sincerity, and a common sense view that I suspect many will like. Did I mention her charm?

Palin scored several blows in challenging Biden and did so from the outsider perspective. "There you go again, Joe!"

Look for the Republican base to be reenergized.

Did I mention her charm!

This is the second debate. We have now watched three politicians and one down to earth, real person. Palin's strength is that she sounded like the rest of us and wasn't just another politician. She connected better with the public as one of us who is eager to go to Washington and clean things up. Given the mortgage mess, I'm sure many of us would like to go there and clean house. And now, through Palin, many of us can.

Many will feel as if they are in her shoes. For one who wants to represent the people, this is huge. Candidates long to find ways to connect with the people. There is no better way to do so than to win their hearts such that the people connect with candidate. Sarah Palin is the new Jimmy Stewart in Mrs. Palin Goes To Washington.

Did I mention her charm!

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Blogger Thrifty Scot said...

Any questions about her "readiness" have been put to rest. She's giving a very good accounting of herself.

Unfortunately, she was obviously told to not go partisan on the financial crisis. So, I guess it's now a "fact" that Republican deregulation caused the mess. That's going to cost McCain the election. Serves him right.

10/02/2008 8:41 PM  
Blogger Thrifty Scot said...

Governor Palin is too good for John McCain.

10/02/2008 9:42 PM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

It's easier to vote against Obummer than to vote for McCain, but Palin on the ticket gives us a reason to vote for the ticket as a political investment for future elections.

Palin is too good for McCain, and it's a shame that she is being constrained by McCain's handlers. Still she showed she can go head-to-head with an old windbag professional politician like Biden and at the very least hold her own as well as showing him up at times.

I concur with TS that she was told not to go partisan with regard to the financial alleged crisis, and not doing so may cost McCain the election. Realistically the campaign painted itself into a corner and really had no choice given the way McCain decided to flow with the conventional political current with respect to the bogus bailout bill.

Serves McCain right, but we as citizens of the greatest nation in history do not deserve a putz like Obummer as Commander-in-Chief.

10/02/2008 10:36 PM  
Blogger G-Man said...

If McCain loses, it will be because of his vote last night. First, he let many people down when he seemed to let the Democrats succeed in silencing him. McCain needed to fight back and point to the root cause of this mess as evidenced on this site.

McCain's second blunder was that he spent so much time in the last debate on earmarks and charged that he would veto pork laden bills, then name the names of the porkers. But, the bill he quietly supported last night is full of pork and he hasn't named any names yet – not on the pork and not on the cause of the mortgage mess.

Regarding Palin's performance, there were clearly a few things that I wanted her to refute. I wanted her to name names of those who protected Fannie Mae. Biden alleged that the Bush tax cuts lead to the $500 billion deficit. Palin could have hit this out by saying "no, it was two years of Democrat control that turned a $200 billion deficit into a $500 billion deficit". I wanted her to refute the nonsense that it would take 10 years to see any oil from drilling.

Still, with a limited time frame, one can throw far more mud than the other has time to clear. Palin fought back on so many other things, frequently throwing Biden's own words back at him, that I can forgive the missed chances. I loved the "white flag" reference.

There is a stark contrast between this debate and the first 30 minutes of last week's debate. McCain failed to refute Obama on the economy because he was too busy repeating himself about earmarks. Palin did a far better job using the time she had to her advantage – even in steering the direction of the debate when she wanted to.

We will have to see if the campaign will cover the missed chances in the days ahead. I'm betting that Biden gave them some ammo. I can see the commercial now. It will quote Biden, then quote Sarah saying "there you go again, Joe", then paint the screen with the facts.

Last note, Palin was upbeat and optimistic. Wonderfull.

10/02/2008 10:42 PM  

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