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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Representative Kate Knuth and the House of Hypocrisy

Politicians, especially liberals, often deride their opponents for being controlled by "special interests" while they themselves accept endorsements and donations from all sorts of lobbying groups.

One of the recent DFL smear pieces (i.e. "negative campaigning") against Lori Grivna informs District 50B voters that Grivna has been (shudder) a lobbyist, one of those evil people that do the bidding of special interests. The piece then goes on to point out that Representative Kate Knuth, the paragon of all that is good and right, has locked out lobbyists from influencing her votes which, of course, are always purely for the benefit of the people of 50B who are very fortunate to have Kate fighting for them.

The piece fails to mention what detestable organization Grivna lobbied for (I'm sure there just wasn't room - after all those grainy mug shot photos do consume a lot of space).

Turns out it was the Mounds View Public Schools, a "special interest" organization that Kate herself has championed and has repeatedly claimed is under funded! Maybe this demonstrates that Lori Grivna does her job well, although it is unclear how she could have gotten by Kate's "locked door" (maybe Kate left the key under the mat).

Not only is Knuth's candidacy infested with liberal special interest money and endorsements (including Education Minnesota), but it also turns out her Daddy, who is very active in Kate's campaign and is rarely absent at any public appearance made by his prodigy daughter, is himself a lobbyist for multiple highly partisan clients!

The piece bashes Grivna for becoming a lobbyist after losing her last election (incidentally, Grivna had resigned her School Board position before the election, but the DFL doesn't let the facts inhibit a good smear). Daddy Knuth eventually became a lobbyist after his departure from the Minnesota House. Those of us who were around 20 years ago may remember Representative Dan Knuth and his, shall we say, colorful but lackluster record in the Minnesota House...

Surely it is purely coincidental that Daddy's little girl has pushed legislation in the direction advocated by Daddy's clients as nicely documented over at Mr. Dilettante, where Mark also makes the following observation:
...one must assume that Rep. Knuth won't even eat at her father's house any more, because the DFL State Committee assures us that she eschews meals with lobbyists. One can imagine an unwrapped birthday gift sitting in a forlorn corner of her parent's house, gathering dust because their daughter would never accept any gifts from a lobbyist. Principled behavior is a lonely thing.
Gee, I've never really noticed that politicians, especially liberal ones, are particularly lonely. Thank you, Kate, for your sacrifice (I guess the per diem, recently raised with the help of her vote, helps soften the blow a bit, especially since she is not obligated to share her lunch money with lobbyists).

Judge for yourself: does this cozy little arrangement have at least the appearance of impropriety, if not more? Kate does claim to be all for "family values" (or is it the "family business"), but just what those values are perhaps needs to be looked at by the voters.

Talk about chutzpah! Knuth and the DFL, whiners par excellence when they claim "negative campaigning", should be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately liberals tend to have no shame, so it is up to the voters to instill some in them by running them out of office.

Dump Kate in '08!

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OpenID lovemissbailey said...

you have to love the liberal illuminati ... they are the masters of the double standard. i like your writing, i'll be back.

10/29/2008 5:39 PM  
Blogger Mark Heuring said...

Great post, RH - and thanks for the nod, too. This campaign has made Goebbels look like a piker.

10/29/2008 9:29 PM  

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