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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Since the Previous Presidential Debates Were Worthless...

...why not go back and watch the replay of the Saddleback Civil Forum interviews if you missed it live?

Even if you did see it, watching it again wouldn't hurt after having endured a few weeks of spin and biased media reporting on the campaigns.

Moderator Dr. Rick Warren, unlike the moderators in the mainstream media Presidential Debate Idol shows, actually asks relevant questions and allows the candidates sufficient time to answer and explain themselves. The one-on-one interview format between the moderator and the candidate (both candidates got the same questions and did not see their opponent's performance live) eliminated the TV game show or Spin Room atmosphere and served to bring out some substantive answers as well as some revealing non-answers from the candidates.

Click here to access the video.

The above link takes you to a page of links where the video has been split out by question and candidate. This is a very convenient format in that you can easily choose the order in which you want to view the questions/candidates and allows for easy, instant compare and contrast of the candidate's answers. It also makes it convenient in that you can get through the whole interview at your leisure without having to remember where to fast forward to in the video.

You can also view the interviews from beginning to end as they were broadcast if you prefer (Obama went first and then McCain was interviewed with the same questions in front of the same live audience).

For you undecideds, if you truly are still evaluating how you should vote, this forum will give you a lot more insight as to what these candidates are about and what they stand for than the dumbed down, superficial excuses for an informative event the mainstream media has aired.

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