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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Spell Is Broken

Beldar makes the point I made about last night's debate in a slightly different way:
Some millions of those voters, however, continued to watch him in the second and third presidential debates. And Barack Obama never got any better. He didn't stumble badly either. But even though he's concealed with fair success his genuine Hard Left alliances and proclivities, every time he's been under closer and more prolonged exposure, Barack Obama's status as a conventional tax-and-spend Democratic politician from Chicago has become more clear. He can fool all of the people only some of the time, and over time, with time, more and more of them figure him out.

Each additional debate has proved that he's not The One. He's just another one.

McCain demonstrated the power of "negative advertising" last night. Obama had been allowed, by both the media and McCain, to define himself any way he liked prior to last night. McCain finally did the necessary job of knocking down that Obama-created narrative and injecting some contrary notions for people to consider.

John McCain did fine at the third debate, but he benefited mostly because Barack Obama's ordinariness became more obvious to more people. More people escaped the mass hypnosis tonight. They sat up suddenly, took a deep breath, and as they watched Barack Obama, do you know what they did next?

"More people escaped the mass hypnosis [last night]". It turns out the Messiah has warts - but, Messiahs don't have flaws, do they? Well, a lot of folks found out last night that this Obama guy has numerous faults that might need closer examination. He's not the One they might have thought he was. That's going to be a perspective-changer for many undecideds.


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