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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thank Representative Knuth for Today's Gas Tax Increase!

Starting today the Minnesota tax on gasoline increased another three cents per gallon thanks to Representative Kate Knuth and her DFL cronies in the state legislature. Although Kate alone was not unilaterally responsible for the tax hike (although she voted for the tax increase and to override the governor's veto), she shamelessly takes credit for the other disasters that came out of the DFL-controlled House as her "accomplishments" in her campaign literature and should be more than happy to take credit for this latest raid on our pockets by the state.

This little day brightener is just a prerequisite for the sharp increase in costs to heat our homes that will begin this winter. The projected spike in utility prices, along with the price increases we've already seen for many food products, is largely attributable to the bone-headed renewable energy mandates the DFL rammed through the last couple of years. Add in the costs associated with the gear up for the Marxist "Cap and Trade" horse crap that Climate Change Kate allegedly authored (at least the DFL put her name on the legislation) and we're in for some long, cold, and expensive winters.

Thanks a bunch, Kate!

Haven't we had enough of the DFL command-and-control bureaucracy running our lives and confiscating our wealth? This November 4th we can do our part to rescue the state from the iron grip of the DFL and vote for Lori Grivna to replace the over-schooled and under-educated tree-hugging grad student that has done such a poor job of representing us.

Dump Kate in '08!

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Blogger Brent said...

Better liberal then RINO though, right guys?

This is what bugs me about the "conservative first, Republican second" crowd. Sure, you kept a few Republicans out of office in 2006 but it hit you in the pocketbook. ouch!

Now, I know there are some people blogging here who have it right. You get the most conservative candidates on the ballot who have a chance of winning into office, and then you deal with the issues after that.

Conservatives and Republicans can gracefully disagree on issues, see Rep Kline and Rep Bachmann on the bailout. But better to have someone you trust disagreeing with you then someone you don't trust.

10/02/2008 1:30 PM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

Brent makes a good point about the "teach the RINOs a lesson" Conservatives. RINOs need to be routed out in the primary, but if the general election comes down to a RINO and a liberal it is a prudent defensive move to vote for the RINO. RINOs can be managed and politically coaxed to the the right thing more often than a hard-core liberal.

That being said, I understand the anger of being stabbed in the back by one of your own - with the lib you knew it was coming. The key thing is that anger has to be dealt with rationally. In most cases putting a lib or a DFLer in, either directly or by sitting out the election, as with what happened with Knuth is more counterproductive to the Conservative cause than electing a RINO who will hurt the cause some of the time. If we are forced to settle for a RINO we need to be ready and willing to keep the heat on them their entire tenure in office.

10/02/2008 2:24 PM  

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