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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Time for McCain to Go Partisan

Yesterday, Senator McCain joined the chorus of politicians chiding the House for failing to act on the bailout. He called for bipartisan action in Congress. But, there was bipartisan action. 95 Democrats and 133 Republicans voted against the bailout plan. In a bipartisan fashion, Congress said no to this plan.

Still, it strikes me odd that one who wants to reform Washington, would also value so highly bipartisan politics – the art of cooperating with those who need reforming.

When Democrats and their allies in the media sing the clarion call for bipartisan action, they don't want more members of Congress to get along. They want more Republicans to suspend their values and vote with Democrats.

But, despite the feel-good chatter about politicians getting along with each other, people respond overwhelmingly to partisan politics. It's a sign of strength, of a willingness to strongly advocate for the issues important to one's supporters. This is a key to the rise of the Democrat Party and to the recent failures of Republicans at the ballot box.

Democrats gin up support by being partisan hacks. Republicans lose support when they try to make nice and get along.

We know what went wrong with Fannie and Freddie and who willingly overlooked their Enron-like practices. We know which politicians and which presidential candidate benefited from Fannie and Freddie contributions. So does John McCain.

It's time that McCain start naming names and launch his effort to reform Washington. Now is the perfect time to inform the public about how we got here. In politics, nothing reforms Washington like cleaning house on Election Day.

McCain owes it to the electorate to give them the information they need to make more informed decisions. Clearly, the Obama-media won't do this. There is no better opportunity for a Republican to be heard than during a Presidential campaign.

There is one more thing that Senator McCain needs to remember. Someone will get blamed. And, if truth doesn't have an ally with a microphone, Democrats will succeed in blaming President Bush and Senator McCain.

McCain should heed lessons from recent history. In 2005, a Democrat governor of Louisiana failed to ask the feds for help when Katrina threatened her state. The feds could do NOTHING without the formal request of the governor. Still, Democrats and the media successfully blamed President Bush for the delayed response to the disaster.

If McCain wants to reform Washington, he needs to grab that microphone, give truth more volume, and go partisan now.

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